Pat McAfee Is Ready For His WWE Debut

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In two weeks time, Pat McAfee will make his NXT debut under the bright lights and high pressure of an NXT Takeover event. His opponent will be none other than the longest reigning NXT Champion of all time, Adam Cole. The end of this week’s episode of NXT saw McAfee punt Cole, and Triple H would quickly make the match official.

He’s coming in as a celebrity guest, something which rarely works out into a good match. There are a few exceptions, and McAfee looks to join that list.

McAfee Doesn’t Want To Embarass Himself

While this will be his first wrestling match, McAfee is someone who respects the pro wrestling industry, this match is a dream come true. He even once bought a wrestling ring after a night of drinking, and seeked out training from Rip Rodgers. You might know some men trained in part by Rodger, John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, Brock Lesnar are amongst them.

Appearing on ESPN GetUp, he’d speak about how he’s wanting to prove himself in this match.

“NXT TakeOver XXX, I have to not look like an idiot like the Saturday Night Live guys. I have to do my thing and not get injured. Put on for the NFL, granted a large portion of the NFL is not gonna be happy that I’m representing them, but I’m gonna do this for the punters and kickers, and I’m gonna walk out undefeated like I’m Goldberg back in the day.”

Pat McAfee Cuts A Promo On Adam Cole

From the same appearance, he’d shift into promo mode and give a good impression that he will not be taking Cole lightly.

“I got two weeks to prepare for this guy who has been wrestling for 12 years. Over a decade, this man has been traveling the globe wrestling. He was in Ring of Honor, he was in New Japan, he was in CZW. This guy has made a living wrestling for over a decade. Some consider him ‘the next Shawn Michaels’ ‘the next best wrestler of all-time’ and in two weeks…I’m gonna walk in there and BEAT HIS ASS!”

Pat McAfee is a man who seems to understand how to make an impression in professional wrestling. This match is going to be planned to cover his weaknesses, and be a showcase that Adam Cole is a ring general.

Do you think McAfee will do good in his first match?
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