Shaul Guerrero Felt Pressured To Succeed In FCW & NXT

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No one will ever claim it’s easy to overcome the shadow of a legendary parent in professional wrestling. For every Charlotte Flair, we have a David Flair who failed to deliver on the inherent hype that comes with their lineage. It would be even harder to follow in the footsteps of a one of a kind talent like Eddie Guerrero, but that was the task placed ahead of his daughter Shaul Guerrero.

While nowadays she’s a ring announcer for All Elite Wrestling having made her debut during the Women’s Tag Team Cup earlier this month, she was once trying to become a wrestler. She had an easy path to that career on the legacy of her father, which was a blessing and a curse.

Shaul Guerrero Wasn’t Able To Meet Sky High Expectations

While speaking on her mother Vickie Guerreros ‘Excuse Me’ podcast, she would speak on the pressure that she felt while training. Shaul would be asked by Vickie if she thinks Eddie would have been proud of her entering the wrestling industry.

“I want to say he would be proud. Then I feel that there was so much pressure put on me when I was in FCW to be as good as you and as good as Dad and that was a lot. That was a lot on me. The fact that I had to earn my name that I already had? I understood where they were coming from that they don’t want to call you by your name because if you suck we don’t want you to be a disappointment. That happened to me about two months in. I was like holy shit, I was having such a hard time and the pressure was so much. I don’t know if they meant to put that pressure on me. Every rehearsal was like, ‘well your Dad did it like this.”

That and body image issues forced her to quit her training, though her time in NXT would help her find her future husband in former WWE superstar Aiden English. She has found her place in the industry, and now is able to work in the same company as her mother.

Do you think it was fair to Shaul Guerrero to have been expected to be instantly as good as her father? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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