Shingo Takagi Accepts Minoru Suzukis Challenge in NJPW

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Shingo Takagi Accepts Minoru Suzukis Challenge in NJPW

Right now in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Shingo Takagi is consistently the best part of any show they run. He had an incredible match with SHO in the New Japan Cup. That was followed by an even better title match at Dominion. Follow this with another strong title defense against El Desperado, and he’s been ready for this next challenger. This will be the legendary Minoru Suzuki.

Throughout the back half of Summer Struggle tour, Shingo & Suzuki have been clashing. Following their latest encounter, the challenge for the Jingu Stadium show would become clear. Minoru Suzuki is ready for another run with the NEVER Openweight Championship, and Shingo Takagi accepted this challenge.

This Match Could Be Very Dangerous If Shingo Gets His Wish

Even under normal circumstances, a singles match between two men as hard hitting as Shingo Takagi & Minoru Suzuki would be dangerous, but there might be another layer added. The last time NJPW ran Jingu Stadium, it was headlined by The Great Muta vs. The Great Nita (Atsushi Onita) in a No Rope Explosive Barbed Wire Barricade Explosive Landmine Double Hell Deathmatch.

While we won’t be seeing this type of match, Shingo has been wanting a Current Blast Death Match for his NEVER Openweight title defense in the stadium. He’s been wanting to have a proper deathmatch for years, and this is the perfect venue for it.

There’s two and a half weeks before this show, but there’s nothing in between as NJPW enters a rest period. This makes building this feud into a deathmatch unlikely, even if Suzuki would likely accept this stipulation.

Shingo Takagi Looking For His Fourth Defense Of The NEVER Openweight Championship

In what has been one of the longest runs since Suzuki held the belt in 2018, Shingo Takagi has been raising the status of the NEVER Openweight Championship once again. At 190 days and counting, he’s been a dominant champion, something we haven’t seen in years. Short reigns from people like Taichi, Jeff Cobb, Kota Ibushi, Hirooki Goto and Will Ospreay produced great matches, but no reigns that fans could sink their teeth into.

It’s likely that Shingo gets his fourth defense, getting him close to having the most defenses in the title’s short history. On the other side of the coin, if Minoru Suzuki walks away with the championship, we could see another 252 day reign from Suzuki, which would also be a great outcome.

Who do you think walks away from Jingu Baseball Stadium with the NEVER Openweight Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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