Stardom Halts All Remaining August Shows

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Stardom has been having a very unfortunate 2020 to say the least. Things started off incredibly, with them having their first match in the Tokyo Dome before Wrestle Kingdom 14, when Arisa Hoshiki & Mayu Iwatani defeated Giulia & Hana Kimura infront of 40k fans. This would be the peak of their year, just four days into it.

The misfortunes would start with the tragic death of Hana Kimura, who took her life after endless cyberbullying from fans of Terrace House. Next, Arisa Hoshiki would retire due to nagging injuries. After both of those, the numerous cancelled shows come second, but COVID-19 has hit them hard, and once again a block of shows will be cancelled.

Stardom Cancels All Shows Left In August Due To Positive COVID-19 Case

Stardom are currently in the middle of their 5-Star Grand Prix tournament, a round robin style tournament like that of the G1 Climax, but that will now be on standby. After a case of COVID-19 was found within the company, the roster and staff would undergo testing for the deadly virus. There would be another positive test, and so things will be shut down for the rest of August.

This shutdown is due to roster members being in self-quarantine through August 29th, making shows impossible to run. Four shows in total will be cancelled, two shows in Yokohama Budokan on August 22nd & 23rd, one in Niigata City Higashi Ward Plaza on August 29th, and one in Takaoka Ecole on August 30th.

Both members who tested positive are improving, and the hope is to get back to shows come the start of September. Stardom is not taking risks with their roster or fans by continuing to run shows, something larger companies could learn a thing or two from. Alongside fellow Bushi Road owned company New Japan Pro Wrestling, they’re one of the few companies handling COVID-19 the safest in wrestling, barring those who are still not running shows like MLW.

No doubt fans will be let down by this, but most will understand that safety comes first in these uncertain times. Do you think Stardom took the right approach following those positive tests? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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