Talking Smack Might Be Making A Return 

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Talking Smack Might Be Making A Return 

Talking Smack was a WWE original show that debuted on the 2nd August, 2016. It went on for 2 years with its last show airing on July 11, 2017 with 50 episodes. The show was a kind of recap of what happened in Smackdown and by the end, the show was hosted by Renee Young.

It also heavily featured Daniel Bryan as he was the General Manager at the time. The show was also part of the Smackdown PPV with the last show being a post show for a PPV with the official final show airing on March 11, 2018. 

Rating drop = Bad timing 

The rumour has come from PWInsider reporting that WWE are talking about the show returning since January. It also could be part of the Fox deal early on the year. This could be the reason why we haven’t heard anything about it now. Perhaps WWE are still trying to decide where to air it.

It could air on TV straight after the show or it could be on the WWE Network. This is only speculation though and nothing has been confirmed. With ratings dropping on the main shows; Smackdown and Raw. It really doesn’t feel like the right move to add another show to the already huge amount to watch. 

Will it feature the old cast? 

It has been confirmed today that the host of the original show, Renee Young has quit WWE from today. This means that WWE needs another host for the show. The host Talking Smack was Shane McMahon. With Shane getting basically his own show; Raw Underground.

It really feels like they would put Shane McMahon as the host of this show to have him on both shows. Even though this wouldn’t be the best idea for them to do. It feels like that’s the way WWE would go with this. 

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