Taynara Conti To Make AEW Debut In Deadly Draw Tournament

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The Deadly Draw tag team tournament in AEW is a chance for them to boost and diversify their women’s roster. With their roster smaller than ever due to injury and people like Riho & Bea Priestley not being able to compete, they are starting to reach out and refill it. One name that has now been confirmed for the tournament is former NXT star, Taynara Conti.

Conti was released from WWE earlier this year, following some disputes with management over never getting a proper chance to shine on TV. She has never wrestled outside the WWE system, but gained a passion for the industry during her time there.

Taynara Conti Is Still A Rookie

With only a handful of years in WWE developmental under her belt, Conti is still very much a rookie in the ring. She might have potential and be coming in with a martial arts background, but we can’t expect her to come out of the gates in AEW putting on five star performances. However, AEW has a high amount of trainers and veterans on their roster, and are great at playing to wrestlers strengths.

She wanted a chance to prove herself, and this will be exactly that. If she performs well in the tournament, we could see her join the AEW Women’s division.

Teaming With Anna Jay

Her involvement was mentioned by Chris Jericho on his “Saturday Night Special” live stream. During this stream he would also reveal she will be teaming with Anna Jay, who recently joined Dark Order. Their first opponents will be Nyla Rose & Ariane Andrews (formerly Cameron in WWE).

Jericho gave high praise to the match, saying the following.

“Ty, I’m not sure how many matches she just had, I know she was with NXT, and Ariane, we haven’t seen her in a few years now, Anna Jay’s super green, even Nyla’s fairly green, so I didn’t know what to expect. I watched this match, and all four girls just kicked ass! It was really good, it was way better than I expected. I’m not saying that in a mean way either, they really impressed me, all of them!”

This match will air Monday on AEW’s YouTube channel at 7PM EST. Will you be watching the Deadly Draw tournament? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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