The Reason Keith Lee Got A New Theme Song

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The Reason Keith Lee Got A New Theme Song

The biggest story coming out of this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW was the huge debut of Keith Lee. He confronted one of the brands top stars in Randy Orton, and came out looking like a star despite a DQ finish to their match. They will meet again this Sunday on PPV at Payback, making this a huge debut for the Limitless One.

However, fans aren’t focused on the fact that he made his debut against one of the biggest stars in WWE history, they were focused on the change in his entrance music and attire.

Keith Lee Came Out To A Generic Theme Song

After just finishing up in NXT in a huge match in the main event of NXT Takeover XXX, his theme song was still in the minds of fans. It was a creation of CFO$, with Lee providing lyrics asking fans to Bask In His Glory. As one of the better theme songs in WWE today, fans were shocked when he showed up on RAW with a newer, more generic theme song. This alongside a change of attire which added a shirt akin to what Kevin Owens wears and looser basketball shorts.

Fans have fixated on these changes, spamming both Lee and his girlfriend Mia Yim with questions of ‘Why?’ and claiming WWE has already ruined him. He would respond with “Music is out of my hands. Period. Leave it be. I’ll sort it out later.” with a similar response about his gear change.

When it comes to music, WWE affiliated rapper Josiah Williams would reply to his tweet saying he likes music, offering to do a theme song for Lee.

Why Change His Music?

The change in music was fairly simple in the end, as WWE has changed who produces their theme songs. After Jim Johnston left, CFO$ would take over, and most WWE themes were produced by them. Now they are gone, and now defrebel are in charge of making new theme songs.

WWE are moving away from the CFO$ creations, and that includes Keith Lee’s theme song and a few others. Others like Seth Rollins have gotten new theme songs recently, Some will hopefully stay like that of the Undisputed Era, Matt Riddle, Nakamura & Asuka.

Do you think WWE should have kept Keith Lee’s theme song from NXT? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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