Who Will Be The First Champion Out Of The Ex-WWE Wrestlers Who Joined Impact Wrestling? 

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Impact wrestling was already on the rise of quality before the ex-WWE stars joined the roster. There is no doubt that the wrestlers are going to get the focus of air time over the next couple of months and with that, at least one of them is going to be Impact champion at some point in the future. 

Out of the 6 stars that have joined, 3 of them look like they’ll be in tag teams. This being the Good Brothers and Heath Slater joining Rhyno. That leaves 3 stars by themselves including EC3, Eric Young and Brian Myers. 

Who could it be?

Looking at all of the new wrestlers, it looks like EC3 and the Good Brothers could be the closest. The Good Brothers aren’t currently in the Tag Team feud for the championship but surely, it’s only the matter of time. With Impact not having the most stacked Tag Team roster.

One of the closest to the belt though, would probably be EC3 with him already attacking Moose, reigniting the feud they had the last time EC3 was in Impact. It really looks like EC3 will win their match and he will get the TNA belt from him.  

Then there’s Eric Young who has already gone straight to the top by going after Eddie Edward’s championship. All these feuds are PPV worthy meaning that in the next PPV all of them could become a champion on the same day. 

Will it happen too quickly?

Then there’s the big question, is Impact pushing them too quick. Even though the answer to this is probably yes as they’ve only just joined the roster. Impact has been known to push any ex-WWE stars too quickly. This time though, it doesn’t really seem that quick. 

This is due to WWE keeping them off TV for so long. It kind of feels like we’ve been waiting for years for some of these wrestlers to get a push. It makes it feel like Impact is pushing them is well deserved and less like an unrealistic push. 

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