Who Will Challenge Mr. Brodie Lee For The TNT Championship?

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Who Will Challenge Mr. Brodie Lee For The TNT Championship?

This past Saturday on a special episode of AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes was run through like few before him, defeating him and claiming the TNT Championship in mere minutes. Brodie Lee is our new TNT Champion, and we are in for a different tone with this new champion. He is the Exalted One of The Dark Order, and even if he keeps the open challenge around, you’ll need to be brave to challenge him. Who can we expect to step up to the challenge?

Lance Archer Could Look For Another Chance

In the finals of the initial tournament to name a TNT Champion, it was Cody Rhodes vs. Lance Archer in a classic bout. Rhodes won the first match, and it is only a matter of time before Archer tries again. There are very few men who can match the size and physical nature of Mr. Brodie Lee, but Lance Archer is one of them.

Lee can send his Dark Order grunts at Archer, and Archer will knock them down, making for the perfect clash of titans. Add in Archer being managed by an old man like the one who previously held Brodie Lee down, and Archer could be the best choice for a match at All Out, in both action and keeping his storyline going.

Matt Cardona Could Face Brodie Lee To Get Revenge For Cody Rhodes

Another good early option comes in Rhodes’ good friend, Matt Cardona. Cardona made his AEW debut when he saved Rhodes from a Dark Order beatdown following his match with WARHORSE. They’d later team up to beat John Silver & Alex Reynolds in a dominant match, currently the last appearance of Cardona in AEW.

Given that so far only two things have been established with Cardona in AEW, and both of them can align into him challenging Brodie Lee? This is a very likely match. He can challenge Lee to get revenge for his friend, and have his first big singles showcase in many years in the process.

It’s unlikely either option beats Brodie Lee, who will likely hold the belt for an eventual rematch with Cody Rhodes. These are just two options out of many within the AEW roster. Who would you like to see challenge next for the TNT Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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