Will Matt Cardona Challenge For The TNT Championship At All Out?

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Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) made his debut on AEW while saving Cody from a Dark Order attack. Then had his first match up against the Dark Order in a tag team match with Cody. Not long after this, he confirmed that he signed to do a couple more matches. Although he has said hell be staying AEW after that time.

This opens up a lot of opportunities for the Star that never really had the chance to shine. It feels like Matt Cardona would be perfect for the TNT belt. With Cody current holding the belt, could we see Cody Vs. Matt at All Out PPV on 5th September? 

Is there enough time to set up the feud for the All Out PPV?

With All Out fast approaching in a couple of weeks on .. of September. Is there enough to even set this feud up. There are currently really only 2 episodes of Dynamite left and with changes made to the schedule, they need something big to keep steady ratings.

Perhaps bringing in Matt Cardone to make the save again on Saturday could start this feud. With Matt teasing that he wants a shot at the belt. This could also be what turns Cody fully heel as he’s been teasing for a while now. 

Or could we see Brodie Lee Vs Matt Cardona at All Out? 

Then though there’s the rumour around that Brodie Lee will win due to an old friend returning, don’t worry no spoilers here. If that does come true though, Matt Cardona could challenge Brodie Lee for the belt at All Out.

This could take Cody off the card completely. This sets up the match for Matt at All Out for the belt. That’s not all though as Cody could attack both parties with a newly formed Four Horsemen. Therefore turning Cody heel in the PPV and setting up a feud with Matt Cordana later on.

Cody Vs. Matt seems to be a match that could really be the thing that fully makes Cody a heel in the future. It’s hard to see Matt Cardona as a heel. With it being known as both of them being friends and Cody teasing it for a while. There is no really any other match that could cement him as a heel.

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