WWE NXT Results: Bronson Reed vs. Damien Priest

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WWE NXT Results: Bronson Reed vs. Damien Priest

At NXT Takeover XXX, there will be a five man ladder match to crown a new NXT North American Champion. Three men would qualify so far, but an injury took Dexter Lumis out of the picture, with the other two being Damien Priest & Bronson Reed. Both of these men know that momentum is important going into a match this big, and this week that is what they will battle for in a singles match. Who would walk away with the win?

Damien Priest Uses His Agility

The two heavyweights would meet with a big lockup to start this match, with Reed seeming to have the power advantage. Priest would grab an armbar, with Reed countering into one of his own. Some athletic movements from Priest would see him in control, with him having the clear speed advantage.

They would run into each other with shoulder blocks, before Priest would go for some kicks instead. A strike exchange would start in the ring, but when Reed ran in, Priest would jump over him and hit a back elbow.

More strikes from Priest would leave Reed stunned after a jumping kick, but a leaping elbow into the corner would see him caught in a rear waist lock. Reed wouldn’t get the German Suplex, instead hitting a DDT prompting Priest to roll to the outside as we went into a commercial break.

As we came back, Priest had Reed in a chinlock, during the break having shoved him into the steel steps in the outside. Despite this, Reed would fight back with a spinebuster and a stinger splash in the corner. He’d take Priest up for a Samoan Drop, but Priest fought free.

Can Bronson Reed Be Stopped?

You can only deny Reed for so long, and he’d slam Reed down and hit a running senton. Priest was still in this match, and hit a springboard sommersault senton with ease.

He’d go for the Broken Arrow, and was able to get the Thicc Boi up. A second attempt would lead to Reed hitting a suplex of his own, and both men would be down.

A 360 Roundhouse kick would look to be followed by a springboard, but Reed caught him into a slam. Reed would attempt the Tsunami Splash and not get all out of it. Priest tried for a quick pinfall, but a Jackknife Pin got Reed the win.

This was another fast paced and impressive heavyweight match from NXT, something which is becoming a trademark of the brand, with Reed coming out as a star of this style.

This is another big win for him on the way to his biggest match ever. Will Reed be our next NXT North American Champion?Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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