WWE NXT Results: Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro vs. Robert Stone Brand

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WWE NXT Results: Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro vs. Robert Stone Brand

The WWE Women’s Tag Team division is always growing, and Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro are one of the up and coming teams. Tonight however, they face Robert Stone Brand. When they were just Aliyah & Robert Stone, they weren’t a threat. Mercedes Martinez changed that real quick.

Aliyah & Martinez would oppose Team Ninja tonight, and with Robert Stone in their corner? This is gonna be a tough match for any team. Before the match, Stone would try to recruit Catanzaro and call Carter dead weight, and be stomped out by the American Ninja Alumni.

Robert Stone Brand Show Tag Team Chemistry, Kacy Catanzaro Gets Caught

Catanzaro would start this match by sending Martinez to the outside, with Carter starting properly against Aliyah. Some quick tag team offense would look to end this match while the weak link of the opposing team was alone. They’d kick Aliyah in tandem, but Martinez would find her way into the match sooner than expected with a blind tag.

A double facebuster from Aliyah & Martinez showed unexpected chemistry, as we went into a commercial break. Aliyah would be controlling Carter when we got back, making quick tags with her partner. Martinez would pick Carter apart, then Aliyah would pick the bones, a good dynamic for this team.

Carter would finally get some space and make the tag into the stupidly quick Catanzaro. While Martinez is a force in the ring, Catanzaro is faster than anyone. Sadly for her, she’d be caught by Martinez who would set up the Air Raid Crash for an easy win. Another win for Robert Stone Brand thanks to their new ace.

Rhea Ripley Storms The Ring

Following this match, Rhea Ripley would make her way to the ring, having unfinished business with Mercedes Martinez. Last week, Martinez cost Ripley her match with Dakota Kai, and wasn’t backing down as Ripley made her way in.

Aliyah made the assist, but Martinez hardly needed the help. Evening the odds was Shotzi Blackheart, who helped ward off Robert Stone Brand. Blackheart wouldn’t be in her ring gear, as it was stolen from her car earlier this week.

The battlelines are now drawn, with a big tag team match set up for a future episode of NXT. Who will win this coming match, Ripley & Blackheart or Robert Stone Brand? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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