WWE NXT Results: Mia Yim vs. Indi Hartwell

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WWE NXT Results: Mia Yim vs. Indi Hartwell

Earlier in the night, Mia Yim would join Keith Lee in the ambulance after he’d get a fireball to the face from Karrion Kross & Scarlett. He will be fine, but she had to rush to get ready for her match against Impressive Indi HArtwell. Would the HBIC be game tonight, or will emotions hamper her?

Mia Yim Doesn’t Let Her Emotions Get The Best Of Her

Yim would start this match off with some chain wrestling, moving into a hammerlock before having her foot stomped. A shoulder block from Hartwell would drop Yim, but wouldn’t gain control. Some defensive movements from Yim would catch Hartwell off guard, and a trip would drop her. She’d be sent into the corner for a rolling cannonball, Yim looking to close this one out early.

Yim would rush into the corner and Hartwell would dodge. A big chop would be followed by her doing the signature taunt of Keith Lee, pissing Yim off. Hartwell would nearly get the win off a huge sideslam, before applying a sleeper hold.

She’d be slammed into the corner, but Hartwell wouldn’t let the hold go easily. Yim would be able to fight her way through with a stunner, but Hartwell would catch her back in the sleeper with ease. This time, Yim would throw her off, only to eat a back elbow to the face.

It was clear that Yim wasn’t fully focused, and Hartwell would be controlling the veteran. Yim would snap and take Hartwell double with a double leg takedown as she pummeled her opponent.

Some hard dropkicks and a german suplex dropped Hartwell, and she’d look for Protect Ya Neck. Hartwell defended against this, but Yim would debut a new submission to get the win.

Indi Hartwell Impresses Again

Indi Hartwell looks better in every match, it won’t be long until she becomes a major star in NXT. This match was set up to give her some shine, with Yim having something else on her mind, making Hartwell being in control easier. She didn’t blow this chance, and while she didn’t win, she shows that she’s ready for a bigger role.

Hartwell has proven she can already hang with the best of them. By 2021, she’ll be one of the bigger names in the NXT Women’s Division. Do you see Hartwell as a future champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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