WWE NXT Results: Mia Yim vs. Shotzi Blackheart

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WWE NXT Results: Mia Yim vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Mia Yim no longer has Keith Lee in her corner, but she’s still one of the toughest in NXT. She was set to face Mercedes Martinez, but Robert Stone wouldn’t let her compete after being powerbombed into the crowd recently by Rhea Ripley. Before he could finish his rant, Shotzi Blackheart would run him over with a tank for the third time and take this match for herself. Stone would be carried backstage.

Impromtu Challenge Throws Mia Yim Off

Action would start fast between Blackheart & Yim, with the wrestling skills of Mia Yim getting her the upperhand early on. Blackheart is no slouch either, tripping the leg before hitting a big double leg drop to the chest. This wouldn’t keep Yim down for long, hitting a running hurricanrana after some misdirection. Blackheart would try for a codebreaker, Yim would counter and throw a roundhouse kick.

Some quick pinfall attempts would follow, before both would go for a kick and cause a standoff. Yim would throw the first strike, and take control with a double legged dragon screw, pulling deep into her bag of tricks. A bow & arrow lock in the middle of the ring would look for the submission, with Blackheart flipping into the pin.

Yim would hit the front dropkick, sending Blackheart into the corner, but she’d fight out and hit the reverse slingblade, followed shortly by a backdrop driver. She’d run into a Dragon Suplex after Yim got back to a vertical base, and would be kicked in the face. Yim would go to the middle rope, but Blackheart dodged the dive and would go high to hit a senton for the win.

Shotzi Blackheart Is Ready For The Spotlight

One of the loudest characters in the NXT Women’s division, and she’s proven with this big win that she belongs on top with this win over Mia Yim. Many believe that Mia Yim is on her way to RAW or Smackdown, following Keith Lee and this loss supports this. The time is right, the guard is changing, and Blackheart is one of the young stars who will take control of the division in time.

From performances like this and in gauntlet matches, running Robert Stone over with a tank, and all around being a fun character? It’s hard to argue that she’s ready for the spotlight. Do you want to see Blackheart get a title shot? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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