WWE Raw Preview (8/17) – Rey Mysterio Returns

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This is one that the WWE has been playing close to the vest as a tease, but it’s a safe bet Rey Mysterio will appear on WWE Raw tonight.

We haven’t seen Rey since his Eye for an Eye match with Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules, and storyline wise his health is fine and he’ll regain his sight.

Meaning, since his son Dominic shared pictures of the result of his kendo sticking, he’s likely taking this week to heal (this episode was reportedly taped last week, hence a week’s delay), Rey will fill in.


Rey appearing is only natural following Rollins taunting him during and after he and Murphy beat Dominic.

Rey will show up as the protective father and challenge Rollins in some way.

Rey will have another eye patch over his mask, and he’ll probably get into it with Rollins or Murphy on some level, although him appearing on the titantron isn’t out of the question.

And this is where we hope there’ll be a cool buildup for SummerSlam and not just another Rey and Rollins threatening each other.

This has been the best storyline on WWE Raw in months, but they’re in danger of falling into their old habits of doing something a thousand times in a row.

We’d like to say we have faith in WWE creative, but we’ll cross our fingers and hope for the best instead.

It seems like a safer bet.

Rey is bait

It’s safe to assume that if Rey is there in person, there’ll be an altercation. What’s also safe to assume is we doubt Rollins and Murphy will get out of tonight without some issue.

It could be an attack by Humberto Carrillo and/or Aleister Black, or even Dominic, though he really doubt we’ll see him outside of a video call.

Still, it makes sense that Rey will try to lure Rollins out. He’s done it countless times before in this feud, and we don’t see a reason it’s going to change.

What we’re interested in seeing is if how they’ll build Dominic up for this first ever match fifteen years after he appeared on SummerSlam.

The WWE has played that up too hard for Dominic to lose, and that leads us to believe Rey’s appearance on WWE Raw will be a tease for what’s to come at SummerSlam.

The problem here is there’s no reason to think Dominic will defeat Rollins. Rollins is too good and too knowledgeable. Because of that, we expect something more.

Rollins and Dominic will meet in a Street Fight At SummerSlam, but after what happened to Rey, will Dominic really face Rollins alone?

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