WWE Raw Results and Recap (8/3) – Dominic Chases Off Rollins; Hurt Busines Takes Over Raw Underground

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WWE Raw Results and Recap joins Seth Rollins and Murphy as they came out to a cascade of boos from the enhancement talent.

In the ring, Rollins began by taking care of some “house keeping.”

Rollins turned his attention to Tom Phillips, the announcer, and wanted to ask him a few questions.

He asked if Phillips considered himself a professional, and unbiased journalist, and if he takes pride in his job.

As he asked these, Rollins exited the ring and slowly approached the announcing table.

He then asked what Phillips was doing when Dominic Mysterio beat him with a kendo stick last week.

Rollins pointed out he was cheering him on, inciting his rage. He pointed out Phillip’s voice matters, and that he’s the voice of Monday Night Raw.

He added he’s part of the greater good whether he likes it or not.

He informed Phillips his job is to call it down the middle and not to skewer things. If he’s doing a poor job, then he’s a liability.

So, Rollins thought the time has come to find a new voice for Monday Night Raw. He instructed Murphy to take him, but Samoa Joe stood up. “Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen, gentlemen.”

Joe stood up to them and told them to walk back in the ring and make their point, or “I can slap you in the lips and beat down your disciple in front of you.”

Joe pointed out he was laughing harder than anyone on the announcing team.

Rollins warned him he does not want to do this, and Joe responded, “No, Seth, I do.”

Rollins and Murphy shot into the ring and Rollins told him to get into the ring, and what happens in there isn’t his responsibility.

Dominic strikes again

Back from commercial, there’s a standoff with Rollins and Murphy in the ring with chairs and Joe outside.

Dominic attacked Rollins from behind with a kendo stick, then turned his attention to Murphy, who blocked him with his chair.

Rollins grabbed Dominic from behind and took the kendo stick, but Dominic ducked and Rollins hit Murphy instead.

Dominic then took Rollins down, dropkicked Murphy through the ropes, tripled Rollins and then hit with a 619.

Dominic hit with a splash over the top rope on Rollins and Murphy, chasing them backstage but not before Rollins accepted his challenge.

Somehow during this exchange, it sounded like Joe was back commentating instead of helping, and that’s just another off thing.

This was the best segment, along with the Riott Squad reuniting, of a really rough show

Hurt Business takes Over Raw Underground

Looks like we’re closing out with a final Raw Underground segment.

This time, Dolph Ziggler was in the ring, putting some amateur moves on his opponent while that exchanged blows before Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold.

The Hurt Business arrived and MVP took the mic from Shane.

MVP announced that the Hurt Business is now controlling Raw Underground, and Bobby Lashley took on a average sized individual whom he beat after a flip and punch.

MVP then got involved, challenging anyone interested.

They bullied another smallish due into the ring and MVP rocked him with flip and some blows before Lashley tossed him out of the ring.

Benjamin then took on possibly the only big guy left, and after a tackled and a few knees, that fight was over.

Since they volunteered everyone to this point, the Hurt Business took on a small group and cleared the room.

Shane said they proved their point as anything goes at Raw Underground, and then said they can come back any time they want.

MVP closed it off with, “Ladies and gentleman, we are the Hurt Business, and business is good.”

Wow. We had high hopes for this episode, and it was probably the worst one we’ve seen in a long time.

This felt more like a jumbled mess of ideas thrown together at the last minute as it was nonsensical and simply… bad.

Hopefully, next week will be better. It probably can’t be worse.

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