WWE Smackdown Results and Recap (8/12) – Retribution Meets Braun Strowman and the Fiend

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WWE Smackdown Results and Recap are here and ready to get things rolling.

Tonight should be an interesting night with Vince McMahon reportedly opening the show and the WWE Thunderdome.

Will Retribution strike then?

Here comes the monsters

The opening was every bit as awesome as we could imagine with the displays, fireworks, and lasers setting the tone like the days when crowds were there.

Vince McMahon was introduced and he welcome all of the virtual fans and us at home to the WWE Thunderdome.

While it’s a highly impressive, it appears they’re pumping in cheers and boos since the virtual fans never seem to be doing either when we see them on the screens in the stands.

Still, it’s far batter than what we’ve been watching and the lack of plexiglass and Enhancement Talent cheering and booing for who they’re told to do so for (allegedly).

As he began, Vince promised we won’t see it coming this Sunday, nor each and every week.

Then the lights went out and the Fiend came out, interrupted McMahon’s speech.

The Fiend slowly staked his way to the ring to an awesome laser show that’s generally saved for a pay-per-view.

Looks like Vince is gonna get it, or will Braun Strowman come out?

Vince stood stoic, then back up, and the Fiend matched his strides, mirroring Vince’s movements.

The Fiend chuckled and Strowman’s music started and he came out, drawing Wyatt’s attention from Vince, who took the opportunity to leave the ring.

Strowman said, “You don’t know me.” as the two faced off.

Retribution circled the ring apron, egging Strowman and Wyatt on.

Strowman and Wyatt seemed to have an agreement. Wyatt then waved and the lgiths went out. When they cam back on, he was gone and Strowman was alone.

Retribution buried Strowman and beat him down roughly 10 or so to 1.

The locker room faces came out led by Big E and were overwhelmed. The Heels quickly followed and the locker room slowly too control.

Sheamus barely touched anyone, actually slowly nudging a couple to leave. The Miz came down late as well.

After being helped up, Strowman took out Drew Gulak and Jey Uso before stomping out of the ring.

A pretty cool way to start the show in WWE Smackdown Results and Recap’s opinion.

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