Xavier Woods & Kayla Braxton Are The New Talking Smack Hosts

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Everyone’s favorite post-Smackdown show is coming back, as Talking Smack is set to make it’s return to WWE Network. Due to the success of the recently returned RAW Talk, it was only a matter of time before Talking Smack came back as well. We now know the new hosts, as Xavier Woods & Kayla Braxton take control of the often hectic show. They have big shoes to fill, given the previous hosts.

Daniel Bryan & Renee Young Will Be Hard To Top

In a perfect world, we would get this show hosted by Daniel Bryan & Renee Young once again, who’s laid back chemistry made Talking Smack a must watch show each and every week. However, Daniel Bryan is back in the ring, and Renee Young is on her way out of WWE. This means they needed some replacements.

Countless great moments came from their era of this show, from planting seeds for Miz vs. Daniel Bryan, Rhyno Clause, ‘Smackdown is really into fisting’, and Bryan calling out AJ Styles for being a flat-earther. We can only hope the new run of Talking Smack brings some more memorable moments, and it’s never good to dwell on the past for too long in wrestling.

Xavier Woods & Kayla Braxton Should Be Great

Xavier Woods is as good a host as you can get on anything, as proven by his excellent YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown. He’s becoming one of WWE’s hardest workers, and he excels at any role given to him. Put him in the ring? He’ll deliver a great match. Give him a microphone? He’ll cut a great promo. Hand him a trombone? He’ll be the best damn bard in all of wrestling.

Now he has another chance to shine on Talking Smack across from the equally capable Kayla Braxton. This should be a great show, provided guests get the same freedom as they got in the past. People like King Corbin, Matt Riddle, Drew Gulak, Sonya Deville and more will truly thrive on this platform with some extra freedom.

Will you be watching the revived Talking Smack? Do you expect it to be as great as the previous version of this show, or should it have stayed dead? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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