5 Wrestling Theme Songs So Bad They’re Good

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5 Wrestling Theme Songs So Bad They're Good

While theme music came into wrestling in the age of Gorgeous George, it became popular for big arena shows in the 70s and 80s as the entertainment aspect found its place in the business. 

Just like popular music and albums released each week, there’s stuff you enjoy, stuff that sucks, and stuff so bad it’s good. Let’s look at five wrestling theme songs so bad you have no choice but to love them. 

The King of Cheesy Wrestling Theme Songs: The Fabulous Rougeaus – All-American Boys 

Jimmy Hart has a background in music and production as a vocalist in 1960 band The Gentrys—which had a Billboard hit in 1965. That’s a wrestle fact! He produced several 80s themes including this classic for his tag team The Fabulous Rougeaus Brothers. 

This theme slaps. “All-American Boys” is one of those wrestling theme songs that have to tell you about the subject. It isn’t just a regular song that happens to fit their persona, it’s about them. 

Someone—Jimmy Hart—sat down, came up with some lyrics about his team, arranged the song, and did the vocals with the Rougeaus. Brilliant! Plus, that synth is awesome well within the time. 

Hulk Hogan – Real American 

Yes, another song where the wrestler and their motivations are explained in song form. The thing about Hulk Hogan’s WWE theme music is that it reached legendary status. I can crack a bunch of jokes at this song but Rick Derringer did the damn thing on this one. 

Too Cool – Turn It Up 

I wasn’t a fan of Too Cool, the Worm, or the post-match dance. When I heard “Turn It Up! Bangin it, bangin it, bangin it” I just groaned. Even worse are the lyrics. A lot of the lyrics to wrestling theme songs kind of suck. 

Except for “All-American Boys” and our next entry. 

Rick Rude – Simply Ravishing 

This was a theme song from Rude’s time in WCW. It was on Slam Jam Vol. 1 and it fit Rude well in the company. The singer WCW got for this one sang it as if she was gunning for a Grammy. 

WCW Slam Jam Vol. 1 had a few decent theme songs but a lot of head-scratchers such as our last entry for another World Champion. 

Ricky Steamboat – The Dragon 

Now, instead of writing lyrics about Steamboat’s wrestling prowess or just giving The Dragon an instrumental theme song, WCW said “Do Ricky’s theme music real quick. Oh yeah, we still have a singer so come up with some lyrics about him.” 

So, the songwriter leaves for a couple of music and comes back with lyrics about how former NWA World Champion and Ric Flair rival Ricky Steamboat is a family man. Why?! 

What are some of the wrestling theme songs you dig? Let us know in the comments!

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