Abadon Calls Out Al Snow For Humilating Comments At Training Seminar

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The Living Dead Girl of All Elite Wrestling has one of the best looks and characters in the company, but she’s gotten flack for it. Right now on Twitter, there is a tweet from @WrestlersLab asking “Wrestlers, have you ever been told to change the way that you present yourself in order to be more accepted/successful?” Like many others, Abadon had an experience to share, one involving an iconic name in wrestling, that being Al Snow.

Al Snow mostly wrestled in the late 90’s, working for companies like WWE & ECW. He hit his peak with the ‘head’ gimmick, where he would carry a mannequin head, a gimmick which made him very popular with fans. Snow mainly existed in the Hardcore Championship race in WWE, where he was in his element.

While his days in the wrestling ring are all but done, Al Snow remains involved as a trainer and being part of Ohio Valley Wrestling. He regularly runs training seminars, and Abadon would show up to one.

Abadon Was Verbally Harassed & Embarrassed By Al Snow

Some of the comments towards Abadon included: “Can you be more attractive so we can book you?” “You are too fat to be doing flips.” “You are not The Undertaker, so stop.”

‘My personal favorite, “If this was a dildo on a pole match you guys would actually work better.” At a seminar in front of a bunch of peers right after an on the fly tag match.’ Abadon said in a tweet. ‘That “legend” was Al Snow who said this to myself and 3 other women in front of EVERYONE at the seminar.’

This paints Al Snow as being unprofessional, sexist and simply embarassing. That is no way to carry yourself, especially if you want your students to look up to you. 

Abadon has proven that she is a fine worker, if not a bit rough around the edges. She has potential to become a great star in AEW, and will likely now train under Dustin Rhodes in his new school or QT Marshall’s Nightmare Factory, and hopefully can avoid being verbally degraded.

This is something that happens to many who train as wrestlers, sadly nothing new. One of the best ways to work past it is to simply prove those people wrong, and Abadon is well on her way to do so.

Do you think Abadon will win the AEW Women’s Championship in time? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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