AEW All Out Buy In Results: Joey Janela vs. Serpentico

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AEW All Out Buy In Results: Joey Janela vs. Serpentico

In a match that is more fitting for AEW Dark than anything, Joey Janela will face the mysterious Serpentico. This match was a last minute addition for the Buy In of All Out, and is purely an exhibition match. Neither man is setting the world on fire, but a win here could help to change this.

Joey Janela Came Ready To Fight

Janela wouldn’t even let his entrance finish before he’d throw some haymakers at Serpentico, before throwing him over the top rope. They’d brawl on the outside, with Serpentico taking a back body drop, but Janela would be distracted by Luther. This would allow Serpentico to take some control, especially when he’d take Janela off the top rope.

A big flapjack would drop Janela in the middle of the ring for a one count, before being sent into the send turnbuckle. Janela was not 100% in this match after being brutalized by Chris Jericho, but a huge running knee to the head wasn’t going to help this case. Serpentico would distract the referee, allowing Luther to attack when he’d attack Janela on the outside.

He’d be thrown back into the ring, and the crowd would try to get Janela back into this one. A suplex would be hit, and Serpentico would go high for the double foot stomp, instead just hopping down and stomping on him normally. This woke Janela up, but he’d be tripped up and hit with a slingshot stomp instead. Serpentico would go for a swanton bomb, but hit the knees instead.

Luther Nearly Influences The Finish

Janela would hit a death valley driver, roll through and hit a superkick. A blue thunder bomb would follow, and get a two count. He’d go to the top rope for a moonsault, but missed. Serpentico would come back with a low DDT, getting another near fall. Again going to the top rope, he’d be stopped by Janela, who’d look for a fisherman superplex. He’d nail it and go right for the pinfall, only getting a two count.

Janela would look for a big lariat, but Luther grabbed the leg. He’d waste time taking Luther out, and get a knee to the face from his opponent, but come right back with the lariat. A big elbowdrop off the top rope later, and Joey Janela wins.

Afterwards he would tease joining the Casino Battle Royale. Could Janela get two wins in one night? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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