AEW All Out Buy In Results: Private Party vs. Dark Order (#3 & #4)

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AEW All Out Buy In Results: Private Party vs. Dark Order (#3 & #4)

When it comes to the tag team division in AEW, Private Party have always been on the cusp of greatness ever since they beat The Young Bucks nearly a year ago. Tonight, they get a chance to prove that this will be their year after all, but they need to get through Dark Order members Alex Reynolds & John Silver. Will they gain some much needed momentum with a win, or will Silver & Reynolds get their second win in a row?

High Flying vs. Classic Tag Team Sensibility

This match would start with Kassidy and Silver, locking up fast for some chain wrestling. Kassidy would gain some control, but Silver broke free and threw him across the ring. Reynolds would come in to save his partner, but Quen evened the odds, allowing Private Party to hit a double dropkick.

Private Party would make some tags and hit some tag team offense, showing their agility and prowess. Quen would hit Reynolds with a running hurricanrana, followed by a flapjack/bulldog combo. However, Kassidy would waste time jaw-jacking, and then miss a blind tag to Silver. He’d be picked up and powerbombed into the knees of Reynolds, and find himself in danger.

Silver & Reynolds are a classic tag team, and know how to cut a ring in half. Kassidy would be isolated in the corner, and attack the back with shoulder thrusts and backbreakers. They’d knock Qeun off the apron, so even when Kassidy got a rollup, he couldn’t follow up with a tag. Silver would launch some hard kicks to the chest, and Reynolds would hit a big elbow drop soon after.

Private Party Fight Back

Kassidy would have to fight out of a camel clutch, but once he did? He’d be slammed into the mat for a near fall. The tag would wait, and he’d be sent back into the corner. Quen was getting ready for the big hot tag on the apron, and exploded after Kassidy rolled to the tag. Dropkicks, big back body drops, and springboard moonsaults were in this hot tag, and Kassidy came into play. Private Party would try for Silly String, but a stomp to the face took them out, and a massive release blue thunder bomb got a very close fall for Reynolds!

Both members of Private Party would fight back, but a wicked combo from Dark Order took Quen out and nearly ended the match. They’d set up their flipping DDT that brought them their only win, only to be kicked in the face. Private Party would manage to hit Gin & Juice, and get a win. This will mean Reynolds & Silver face the wrath of Brodie Lee again backstage, and no amount of Chilies can save them.

Will this win get Private Party up the rankings? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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