AEW All Out Results: Casino Battle Royale

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AEW All Out Results: Casino Battle Royale

At the end of this night, we’re going to see either MJF or Jon Moxley as the AEW Champion, but we’ll know their challenger before then. As is tradition for AEW on PPV events, we’ll see a big battle royal to name a #1 contender. We know some men who will be in this match, but there is a lot of mystery. Eddie Kingston, Lance Archer, The Blade, Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, Ricky Starks, Darby Allin & The Butcher are confirmed, but who else will show up?

The First Five Men Make Their Way To The Ring

With five men entering this match at a time in three minute intervals, these men would have the worst chance of winning, and would be Trent, Jake Hager, Christopher Daniels, The Blade, and finally Rey Fenix. Blade & Fenix are allies, but it would be an all out brawl to start. Hager & Blade focused on Daniels, until Fenix & Blade went to Trent.

Trent would fight back, hit a swinging DDT, Daniels would hit a jumping flatliner, before being dropped by Hager. Fenix & Blade tried to eliminate Trent but failed. It would be time for the next group to come.

Best Friends & Santana and Ortiz Brawl

The second group started with Kazarian who saved Daniels. Will Hobbs came into the mix, followed by Chuck Taylor. However, Best Friends rivals Santana & Ortiz would be next, and they’d brawl on the outside. Back in the ring, The Blade & Christopher Daniels would be eliminated, with Will Hobbs looking to remove Rey Fenix as well. Santana & Ortiz tried to get Trent out, but he’d survive.

The next group would start with Billy coming to the ring, and going right after Jake Hager. Penta El Zero M would come to the ring as well, followed by Team Taz members Ricky Starks & Brian Cage. Cage threw Billy out right away, but Darby Allin was next, who came with a skateboard. Fenix would be eliminated by Allin. Best Friends hit Sole Food/Half & Half Combo, and hugged it out, but Taylor would be thrown out.

Next Group Brings Some Heavy Favorites

The next group of men would start with Shawn Spears, with that loaded black glove. He’d take his time getting to the ring, going to visit commentary. Eddie Kingston & The Butcher would hit the ring, and they’d attack Kazarian early. Sonny Kiss would hit the ring as well, and Lance Archer would be soon after.

Archer would dive over the top rope, and take out three men. Sonny Kiss would eliminate Jake Hager, but be thrown out by Brian Cage. Trent would pull the rope down and use Satanas momentum against him for an elimination, but Archer would throw him out and take Ortiz out too.

The wildcard would be Matt Sydal, making his AEW debut, making his way to the ring, and going right after Spears. Hobbs would almost take a Shooting Star Press, but he’d slip off the top rope onto his head. With everyone in the match now, it was just down to who would win. Penta El Zero M wouldn’t be that man, getting eliminated, Kazarian shortly behind him.

The Field Shrinks

Cage would drop Sydal, Spears, Hobbs and Butcher with big moves. He’d go after Archer, who’d give him some trouble. Add in Darby Allin causing Cage to hit Starks before hitting a stunner, and Team Taz had a big problem on their hands.

Starks would be eliminated by Allin, before being dropped on his head by Cage, Starks dragging him out and throwing him off the pole. A body bag would be brought for Allin, and it’d be full of thumbtacks, and then filled with Allin. Cage would pick the bag up, and throw it to the ramp, eliminating Allin.

Sydal would go for Cage in the middle of the ring, before going for Spears on the apron, taking him out of the match with a stomp. Hobbs would spinebuster Sydal into the thumbtacks, going to war with Archer who’d be taken out with a pounce. Archer & Cage would trade blows, everyone giving them space, Cage getting involved with Hobbs along the way. This would lead to both men being taken out by Archer, leaving four men.

Archer vs. Sydal vs. Butcher vs. Kingston

Kingston would be punched in the face by Archer, but Butcher hit the crossbody block to take him out. Sydal would eliminate Butcher, before hitting a big DDT on Kingston. Archer would hit the Blackout on Sydal, and then be taken out by Kingston. Kingston and Archer would fight on the apron, but Jake The Snake would spook Kingston with… well a snake. Butcher & The Blade would try to help their new leader, and Kingston would bite the face of Archer.

Kingston would be again spooked by the snake, and Archer would throw him to the floor onto Butcher & The Blade, winning the match. Lance Archer now has a shot at the AEW Championship. Who will he face for the title? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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