AEW All Out Results: Hikaru Shida vs. Thunder Rosa [AEW Women’s Championship Match]

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AEW All Out Results: Hikaru Shida vs. Thunder Rosa [AEW Women's Championship Match]

Hikaru Shida might be the AEW Women’s Champion, but she hasn’t been truly tested since she won the title from Nyla Rose. She called for the best in wrestling to come to AEW to face her, and NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa answered that call. After making her AEW debut against Serena Debb this past week, she’s ready to go right for the champion. She knows all about winning big matches, but this is her biggest one yet.

Thunder Rosa Came Ready

After the insanity of Hardy vs. Guevara, a grounded wrestling match would be a nice change of pace. These two are equals, and would stare each other down to start. They’d pie face each other, before Rosa took her down with a double leg, with Rosa using her MMA background early in this one. Shida would go for a big knee strike early, Rosa dodging and hitting some strikes of her own.

A slugfest would follow, and the pace would pick up as Shida hit a running rana and they both went for dropkicks. Rosa wouldn’t take a moment to rest before getting back into this fight, chopping the champion down with kicks. Shida would be overwhelmed by Rosa, who’d hit a big neckbreaker for a near fall.

Not giving up, Shida would hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and get her opponent on the apron for the running knee lift. She’d grab the chair, set it up and launch off it with the knee strike, or that was the plan. Instead Rosa did this move instead, having Shida so well scouted. Shida would be slammed in the apron and bent around the corner, Rosa absolutely ruthless and would get a near fall again back in the ring.

A Very Physical Match

Thunder Rosa would pick Shida up, and run her from corner to corner before hitting a big backbreaker. Shida would fight back with a sleeper hold, but Rosa moved it into a pin to break it up. Rosa would get a submission of her own, the hanging pendulum, showing her power. Shida would be taken to the corner and have her head wacked off the bottom turnbuckle.

Rosa went for a double leg drop, but nearly got caught in a stretch muffler, but would fight out. Shida would go for it again after countering a roundhouse kick, but Rosa again fought out. Finally, Shida would hit a running knee to get some space in this match, and would go for a big vertical suplex. Another running knee would follow, and get a near fall. Shida would go for the Falcon Arrow but it’d be countered into a rollup.

Rosa would retake control with a leaping lariat, and set up a running dropkick on the bottom rope, sending Shida to the stage on impact. Rosa looked for a Death Valley Driver on the entrance way, but Shida fought out and put Rosa on the top rope. Shida would look for a superplex on the stage, but Rosa would regain control and hit a death valley driver on the apron.

Hikaru Shida Makes The Comeback

This wouldn’t be enough to drop the champion, only getting a two count, but Rosa would look for a submission instead. Shida got her foot on the rope breaking this hold, and would catch Rosa on the top rope with a superplex. Both women were running on adrenaline, but Rosa would be sent to the ramp and Shida hit the meteora, an ode to CIMA, a wayward member of AEW. They’d barely break the ten count, but this fight continues.

A strike off would come, with Rosa hitting a dropkick and Shida hitting a running knee. Shida gets the Falcon Arrow, but Rosa kicks out at one! A scoop slam would lead to a rollup, but Shida gets the stretch muffler locked in finally, but Rosa would get to the rope before Full Metal Muffler could be applied. Rosa would hit a backstabber, and look for a facebuster, only to get rolled up. More strikes from Shida would follow, who’d hit a backbreaker, and the tide would be with Shida. One more running knee, and she retains.

We’ve never seen Shida in this much danger, with Thunder Rosa showing why the NWA Women’s Championship wasn’t won by luck. This was a brilliant and hard hitting match, perhaps the best AEW Women’s Match of 2020. Should Shida get a shot at Rosa’s belt? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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