AEW All Out Results: Jon Moxley vs. MJF [AEW Championship Match]

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AEW All Out Results: Jon Moxley vs. MJF [AEW Championship Match]

Jon Moxley & MJF are the only men in AEW who are undefeated. No one has pinned them or submitted them since they joined this company, and now they meet in the main event of the biggest show of the year for AEW, for the AEW Championship. Sometimes things just make sense.

MJF has campaigned to have the Paradigm Shift banned, and he was able to get Moxley to agree to this. Moxley has plenty of other tricks in his playbook, but will he overcome MJF without his killshot?

Big Match Feel For This Main Event

After a wild show like this, most main events would have a hard time stacking up, but All Out was set to deliver on this too. MJF would start with a standing switch, tripping Moxley up and looking to out wrestle Moxley. He knows that’s his best route, as a brawl suits Moxley.

Every time Moxley breaks free, MJF would take him back down with a simple wrestling hold, but Moxley would hit a scoop slam to get a bit of offense before MJF gets him with a headlock takeover. MJF tried to throw a suckerpunch, but took a chop and went outside. Moxley followed him, and MJF fled quickly.

MJF goaded Moxley in, and nearly took a paradigm shift until Moxley remembered the rules. He’d send MJF to the outside, feign a dive to fake out his opponent, stomp his head and finally catch his opponent outside. MJF would be crotched on the barricade, and clotheslined off. It turned into a brawl, and MJF needed to get back in the ring before he became a broken mess.

Jon Moxley Gets Controlled

Moxley would send MJF back into the ring, and MJF quickly worked to get some control, countering a sleeper hold into a rollup. MJF tried for an armbar, but was ineffective, and was suplexed onto the ring ropes instead. Some smart wrestling from MJF would get him back in control, again targeting the arm in the middle of the ring.

Moxley would throw some strikes, but he would be thrown the mat onto his left arm. The game plan is clear from MJF, just take his time and pick Moxley apart, taking a methodical pace. You need a perfect match to beat Moxley, and MJF was wrestling that.

Moxley came back with strikes, but a rake to the eyes stopped him, and he’d be whipped into the corner. What limb crashed into it? The left arm. Next he’d be sent to the outside on the arm again, but MJF made a mistake. He left the ring.

MJF Gets Busted Open

Moxley would trip up MJF quickly, and catapult him into the ringpost head first. Heading back into the ring, Moxley would look to get his shoulder back in place, but MJF had donned the crimson mask. Now a bloody mess, MJF would panic and be hit with a knee to the head, Moxley considered the double arm DDT but instead went for a release suplex, getting a two count.

Looking for another way to attack the head, Moxley attempted the gotch style piledriver, but couldn’t get MJF up. Moxley slipped to the outside, MJF chased after and was dropped with a spinning sidewalk slam. MJF begged Moxley off, and slipped into the Fujiwara Armbar briefly, before being hit with the piledriver.

An incomplete pin without a leg hook would see MJF kick out, and Moxley would bite MJF on the forehead. MJF was propped on the top rope, but would bite the hand of Moxley, and then stomp the left arm with both feet. They’d exchange strikes in the middle of the ring, MJF with a throat chop, kick to the knee and superkick would stun Moxley. He’d respond with a German Suplex, and a crushing lariat for a two count.

Pushed To Their Limits

Moxley would have blood spit in his eyes, and nearly go for the Paradigm Shift. This would distract him for long enough, MJF applying the Fujiwara Armbar, but Moxley got to the rope. Moxley doesn’t quit easily, even with an increasingly injured arm.

Moxley would be hit with the Heatseeker piledriver, but kick out at two. MJF went for another one, but Moxley powered out and hit an Air Raid Crash for a near fall. Both men were spent, but refused to stay down. They’d stare each other down, and just hit each other. MJF would pull the referee in front of him to avoid a knee strike, but end up in a sleeper hold. Again using the referee, he’d move them aside and hit a low blow and a roll up, but Moxley doesn’t quit.

MJF would hit Cross Rhodes, but even that wouldn’t keep Moxley down. Wardlow threw the Dynamite Diamond Ring in, but missed MJF and distracted the referee. Moxley noticed this, grabbed MJF and nailed the Paradigm Shift behind their back, getting the win!

There is no rest for a champion, and Lance Archer is next to face Jon Moxley. Will MJF get a rematch after that? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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