AEW All Out Results: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. FTR [AEW Tag Team Championship Match]

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AEW All Out Results: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. FTR [AEW Tag Team Championship Match]

One of the biggest matches on the card is the bout for the AEW Tag Team Championships, as Kenny Omega & Hangman Page face FTR. Page is out of The Elite after ensuring he and Kenny didn’t have to face The Young Bucks again, but Omega is seeming to stay by his side. They’ve taken out all comers, but FTR is one of the best teams in the world. Tully Blanchard is in their corner, Page & Omega are on their last legs as a team, but they’ve overcome harder odds than this.

FTR Has A Game Plan

Hangman Page looked like he got some rest between Dynamite & All Out, but still knew he got played by FTR like a goddamn fiddle. Omega came out, and was ready to stand by his partner to give us another tag team classic. Page would want to start this match, and get some revenge on FTR. Omega would ask if his head is in it, and Page would ask him to trust him. Wheeler & Page would lock up, and after Wheeler extended a handshake? He’d be punched in the face.

Omega would try to have him calm down, and FTR attacked. They’d both be booted down, showing the effortless chemistry of the champions. Omega would be tagged back in, and they’d brutalize Wheeler with stiff chops. They’re on the same page for now. Wheeler would be isolated in the corner, quick tags in and out with some signature double teams.

Wheeler would fight back only to be beat down, taking a big boot into a Kotoro Crusher, followed by a standing Shooting Star Press for the near fall. Finally getting some space, Wheeler hit a big backdrop, and Harwood came in. The fury of Page would let him take on both men briefly, until he’d be bent around the post.

Hangman Page Is Isolated

Page would now find himself in isolation from Omega, one of his worst fears at the moment. FTR would pick him apart, constant double team moves doing their toll. Omega was eager for the tag, as Page was having life sucked from him with a waist lock. Page fought to his feet, only to be caught in an abdominal stretch.

FTR would work together on this hold, an old move from Arn & Ole. During a dispute with the referee and Wheeler, Page would get a visual pinfall on Harwood. Their cheating is paying off, but when Harwood tried to throw Page back into the ring, he’d rebound back with a lariat, and quickly get back in to tag Omega.

Omega would come in with the polish hammers, followed by the fireman’s carry into a moonsault, getting a two count on Wheeler. The snap german was coming, but Omega worked past this, taking the invading Harwood out, and getting Wheeler out of the air with a dropkick. Omega would go for the dive over the top, taking out both members of FTR.

Omega Tries To Save This One

Next, Omega would hit the Tiger Mask missile dropkick, and try for the Gutwrench Powerbomb. Wheeler would get a tag into Harwood, who’d hit the powerbomb, followed by a german from Wheeler and a pin from Harwood, this combo getting a two. Omega would fight them off with hard strikes, and Page would be tagged in. They’d charge FTR in the corner, and hit the assisted German Suplex and Pop Up Powerbomb on FTR, with a knee to the head included for good measure.

Page & Omega have used most of their moves, except Last Call. Harwood would prevent this, and Wheeler took Page out. Omega would be suplexed off the middle rope, but he fought this off. Wheeler would distract the referee, allowing Harwood to trip Omega up. Harwood would finally hit the superplex into a diving splash combo for a near fall, a 2.9.

FTR would look for Goodnight Express, but Page stopped this. Harwood would get Omega with a brainbuster, but have his bell rung with a sliding lariat shortly after by Page. Wheeler takes Page out with a swinging DDT, and Omega takes Wheeler with the poison rana. Omega went for the Tiger Driver ‘98, but Wheeler kicked out.

Omega Is A One Legged Man

Wheeler would take a V-Trigger, and Omega set up the One Winged Angel, but his opponent slipped off. Omega would be shoved into the corner, and Harwood got the dragon screw on the apron, and Wheeler got it in the ring. Harwood would come in and apply the inverted Figure Four, and Omega was stuck in the middle of the ring. Omega would wiggle to the ropes, but the leg could be gone.

Harwood would brutalize the leg some more, the leg being stretched, struck and more. It’s not often Omega gets isolated, but Page would come check on him outside. Omega would be cornered by FTR again, and his leg wrapped around the post. A series of snapdragons would give him a chance to make the tag, but he’d shove Harwood into Page by accident.

Page would be tagged in soon after, and he’d come in with a flurry. He’d nail the Fallaway Slam into a dive combo, get both members of FTR on the outside and dive onto them. Back in the ring, he’d get a two on Wheeler. FTR would again use a blind tag to confuse their opponents, and nearly pin a tired Page after a simple clothesline.

FTR Calls Upon Classic Tag Teams

In a tribute to the British Bulldogs, FTR would hit a double diving headbutt on Page, and Omega made the save. Harwood would go after him, and Wheeler entered the fray. Suddenly, Omega was set on the shoulders of Wheeler, and he’d be hit with the Steiner Brothers finish! Next, FTR would hit it on Page in the ring, but only get the two count off this one.

Another double team would be planned, the spike piledriver but Omega made the save. Going high Page would hit the suplex slam on Wheeler, another near fall. He’d call for Last Call with Omega, knowing that would end this. Wheeler would dodge, and when they’d try again, Page got a V-Trigger instead of Wheeler, who dodged again! A chop block to the knee of Omega dropped him, and Page would be alone. FTR nails the Mindbreaker, but Page even kicks out of this!

This one was all but over, and they’d hit another Mindbreaker, kept Omega away, and this one was over. We have new AEW Tag Team Champions! This was an epic match, one of the best AEW has ever had, and FTR would celebrate with Tully. Omega brought a small table to the ring, and drove FTR away from Page with it.

Omega would consider hitting Page with the table, but stop himself. Page would collapse, and Omega didn’t catch him. He’d walk out on Page, but the tag teams future is in the air. Will Omega & Page survive this loss? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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