AEW All Out Results: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara [Broken Rules Match]

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AEW All Out Results: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara [Broken Rules Match]

Over the past few weeks, Sammy Guevara & Matt Hardy have been beating each other bloody. Guevara recently won a table match, but this isn’t over yet. Tonight, only one man will be left standing as they meet in a Broken Rules match, which roughly follows Last Man Standing rules. Oh, and if Hardy loses? He’s gone from AEW. Who would survive?

Another Insane Brawl, Matt Hardy Injured

This match would take place at the site of the Stadium Stampede, with Hardy calling out Guevara. Guevara came in a golf cart, ready to run Matt down as the bell rang. Hardy would narrowly dodge being run over, and Hardy got to brawling, and hit a DDT on a metal table.

Guevara would be taken to a scissor lift, and it’d be raised high. A side effect would be attempted off the lift through a table, but instead Guevara hit the spear. Hardy’s head bounced off the concrete, this match perhaps ending early, with Guevara asking for a count. He’d be up by nine, and Guevara would keep beating him down.

Hardy could barely defend himself, but with his AEW career on the line he would fight. A doctor would come check Hardy, and this one was already over by doctor stoppage. Guevara would be taken away, but Hardy was ready to keep fighting now, Broken Matt was awoken, and this feud seems to be far from over.

An Unpredictable Brawl Fits These Men

Fans were looking forward to this match, but instead we got a quick and dirty brawl like usual from these two. They’ve made another insane moment with the spear off the lift, and Hardy could barely stand after it. His health would be in question, and very well could be out of AEW after this loss.

But the match would be restarted after it was verfied Hardy can keep going! They’d head to the ringside area, and brawl some more! Guevara would scale the set to leap onto Hardy, but Hardy climbed after him. Danger was in the air again.

They’d grapple as they climb, and Guevara would be sent 15 feet and fall through the stage, and Aubrey Edwards would get to the ten count, but could have counted to one hundred. Hardy somehow came back from what looked like an injury to end this match, which felt cut short.

The injury report after this show will likely include both men, but they’ll be back. Do you think both men are hurt after this wild match?

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