AEW All Out Results: Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho [Mimosa Mayhem Match]

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AEW All Out Results: Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho [Mimosa Mayhem Match]

The feud of the summer in AEW was Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy. After an excellent first match, things would get heated when OC would dump Orange Juice all over the Inner Circle, leading to a second match for $5500 dollars to replace Jericho’s jacket, which OC won in shocking fashion. We need a tiebreaker now, but it won’t be a normal match.

This is going to be a Mimosa Mayhem match, where a tub of mimosa will be at ringside. You can win by pinfall, submission, or sending your opponent deep into orange juice & champagne. No DQ’s either! This is going to be a unique one.

A Brutal Battle

Like expected, two big vats of Mimosa would be set up at ringside, and the crowd would be split on who to cheer for. Orange Cassidy would run in with a superman punch and take a codebreaker. There is no more feeling out, they know each other well so let’s skip to second gear. Jericho hit a backdrop, and some hard chops. He’d slow the pace down, knowing that benefits him more.

OC would nearly be sent into the Mimosa, but only a foot went in. Jericho would grab a table at ringside, and throw it at Cassidy. A cocktail tray would be smashed over his head, but OC would again avoid the Mimosa and throw Jericho off the platform, and dive onto his opponent. This would morph into a fast paced brawl, which favors Cassidy.

Jericho would hit OC with a chair, and drag him back to the Mimosa, and they’d throw strikes and both nearly fell in. OC tried for a hurricanrana into the Mimosa, but Jericho got him with a powerbomb through a table instead. Jericho would grab his bat, but OC hit a superkick instead and then whack Jericho with a steel bucket.

Orange Cassidy Thinks On His Feet

Back in the ring, OC would throw strikes, but be sent over the ropes and hit with the triangle dropkick, nearly falling into the Mimosa. He’d slip back into the ring, and hit the Michinoku Driver for a near fall. This battle has both men tired already, and they’d throw strikes. Jericho tried for a suplex, but instead was hit with a stunner.

OC tried for the DDT, and it’d be shifted into the Walls Of Jericho. He’d crawl to the ropes, but no break. OC would fill a cup with Mimosa, and throw it into the eyes of Jericho and get a rollup. He’d then hit the Orange Punch, and nearly throw Jericho into the vat. Jericho would be sent into the turnbuckle, and a superplex would be attempted.

OC kipped up after being thrown down, and hit a top rope hurricanrana and a running PK. The big DDT would be hit finally, getting a two count. He’d go up top for a crossbody, but be taken out of the air with a codebreaker, but kick out at two.

Chris Jericho Makes A Big Splash

Jericho would try to lawn dart OC into the mimosa, but OC held onto the ropes. The powerbomb into the vat would be attempted, but OC slipped out and hit the Orange Punch, Jericho holding on by his fingertips. OC would rip off the elbow pad, hit Jericho again and the splash was huge, as Jericho crashed into the vat, ending this match.

This was a unique brawl, and while we might never see it happen again, it really was the perfect way to end this odd feud. OC has been legitimized as a main event talent over these last few months, and now has two wins over Chris Jericho. What is next for Orange Cassidy? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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