AEW Dynamite Results: Best Friends & Santana & Ortiz

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AEW Dynamite Results: Best Friends & Santana & Ortiz

For weeks now, Best Friends have wanted an apology from Santana & Ortiz. Not for anything that happened in the ring, not for anything that happened to Trent or Chuck Taylor. This was due to Santana & Ortiz destroying the mini-van of Sue, Trent’s mother. If you want to make a feud personal, you include someone’s family. Best Friends finally have a chance to beat an apology out of Santana & Ortiz tonight on AEW Dynamite, will they succeed?

Chuck Taylor Removed In A Wild Brawl

Before Santana & Ortiz could even make their way to the ring, Best Friends would attack from behind. A brawl would break out, with Santana & Ortiz having the upperhand until Trent dove off the stage. Ortiz would nearly be suplexed onto steel steps, but Santana saved him.

Trent would be choked by Ortiz, and Chuck Taylor would pull a pile of chairs out with some intentions in mind for Santana. This match wasn’t looking like it’d get started, unless Tony Khan makes the call for a Falls Count Anywhere match. Chuck Taylor wasted a lot of time building a chair monolith, and Santana would recover and throw a chair at him.

Santana would take a backdrop on the stage, before throwing Chuck Taylor into his creation and being removed from the match. This match would finally start with Trent alone to face his opponents, though it would look like Trent vs. Santana are the healthy men.

Trent Fights With All His Life

It would be a handicap match in the early going, as Ortiz had much more life than Taylor, and Trent would be isolated with no one to help him. Ortiz would throw some dropkicks after being tagged in, but neither man would stay in long. Trent doesn’t mind, and would fight both men off and hit a big tornado DDT and check if Chuck Taylor is alive.

Realizing he is alone, he’d take action and dive onto Ortiz and try to spear Santana, who leapfrogged over him, sending Trent headfirst into the barricade. Best Friends were not looking good tonight, but Taylor was finally on his feet and in this match for the first time. He’d clean the ring, and dive over the top rope to take them out again. Santana would be hit with Sole Food into the Falcon Arrow, but Ortiz knows that no one kicks out of the Falcon Arrow and saves the match.

Santana & Ortiz Steal The Win

Taylor would then hit a big running knee on Santana, only to tag Trent in for an even bigger running knee. He’d try for a springboard, but be sent off the apron onto the steel steps hard! Santana would call for them to end this, but Taylor stopped the Street Sweeper, and Trent would hit the Crunchy on Ortiz. This one would be over if Santana didn’t put his partner’s arm on the rope.

Santana would wack Trent in the back with a metal baton behind the referees back, and they’d hit the Street Sweeper for a much needed win. This one was both a great brawl and a fun tag team match. We can expect a proper Falls Count Anywhere or I Quit style match from these teams down the line, but this is it for tonight.

What did you think of this match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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