AEW Dynamite Results: Best Friends vs. Santana & Ortiz [Parking Lot Brawl]

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AEW Dynamite Results: Best Friends vs. Santana & Ortiz [Parking Lot Brawl]

There have been blood feuds over much less in wrestling, but this is likely the first one that hit a fever pitch when one team destroyed the other teams mom’s minivan. That is where we are at in the saga pitting Best Friends Trent & Chuck against Santana & Ortiz of The Inner Circle. Tonight, this needs to end, and it will end in a Parking Lot Brawl.

This One Is Going To Get Dangerous

Santana & Ortiz came out in white face paint, and this would be a fight right away as Ortiz was slammed into a car by Trent. It was only a matter of time before glass was smashed, and Santana would get a side mirror to the face. On the other side of the lot, Ortiz would have a car hood slammed onto him repeatedly.

Trent would hold Ortiz in place before Taylor would hit a flipping senton onto the hood, and then Trent leaped off onto it as well. They could have pinned him and ended it here, but they didn’t want to show mercy. A sheet of half inch plywood would be set up across the bed of a truck, and Ortiz showed some fight.

Santana would pull a steel baton out of one of the cars, and nail Taylor with it before getting Trent as well. Trent would be slingshotted into the bed of the truck, and Ortiz grabbed a sledgehammer. This would be thrown at Taylor, narrowly missing and going into the windshield of a car.

Santana & Ortiz Are In Their Element

Taylor would be suplexed on the roof of a car, and Santana would dive onto him for a two count. Trent was back up, and a door would be leaned against the hood of the car, and Ortiz tried for a powerbomb. This wouldn’t work, and he’d be speared through the door.

Santana & Ortiz were both bleeding at this point, and Best Friends would likely be donning the crimson mask by the end. Best Friends would make the comeback as Santana would be backdropped on the hood of a car, as Trent went for the swinging DDT on the concrete.

Ortiz would deny this, and grab a trash can lid to whack Trent with. A steel guardrail would be brought in and destroyed within seconds. Trent would be hit with a low blow, before Santana & Ortiz would throw him right into the windshield of a car, his back covered in fine shards of glass.

Taylor would try to choke Santana with a baseball bat, knowing he’s essentially alone. Trent was a barely alive bloody mess at this point, showing the sheer brutality of this match, but he wouldn’t give up. He’d be beaten with a 2×4, and you need to wonder what could end this.

Best Friends Survive The Most Brutal Match In AEW Dynamite History

Santana would mouth off to Taylor before just punching him clean in the face, nearly knocking him out. He’d grab a led pipe, ready to end Taylor for good when Orange Cassidy pops out of a trunk. With a steel chain wrapped hand, the orange punch would knock Santana out, and he’d be delivered to Trent to be piledrivered onto the hood of a car.

Just behind him, Trent hits the Dudebuster through the plywood to end this fight with a pinfall. This was the most brutal match in AEW Dynamite history, only topped by the Lights Out matches that happened on PPV & AEW Dark. Best Friends won this war, and proved they might very well be the toughest bastards in AEW.

Sue would pick them up in her new minivan, flip Santana & Ortiz the middle finger and drive off to end this wild night. Will a match on Dynamite ever get more dangerous? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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