AEW Dynamite Results: Chris Jericho vs. Joey Janela

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AEW Dynamite Results: Chris Jericho vs. Joey Janela

At All Out, Chris Jericho & Orange Cassidy will meet in a Mimosa Match, where a vat of Mimosa will be at ringside. This is a unique stipulation, a once in a lifetime concept for sure. However, wanting to ensure he’s in top form for the tiebreaker against OC, Jericho has a tune up match against Joey Janela. Could Janela get an upset win over ‘Le Champion, especially with OC at ringside to distract Jericho?

Janela would take the microphone and express how excited he is to see fans back, and ask the crowd if he can beat Jericho. They wouldn’t think so, and he’d say he’s a big fan of Jericho, a childhood hero of his. But tonight, he kills his hero.

Joey Janela Gets Demolished

Things would start quick with a brawl, Jericho getting the upper hand. Jericho’s last match was a loss to Orange Cassidy, and he wanted to send a message. He’s become an expert brawler in age, and would pummel Janela with strikes before suplexing him into the mat.

Janela would have a hard time getting started, and Jericho would stand on the hair and pull until Aubrey Edwards broke it up. Jericho would let his opponent get up, only to drop him with a back elbow. Janela tried to fight back, and would flip out of a back suplex attempt and mount some brief offense, before being snuffed out with a lariat.

Some knees to the face of Janela would be followed by him being thrown to the stage. Jericho would do some grandstanding, and Janela dove into the ring, right into a picture perfect Codebreaker. The Liontamer would be applied, and this one was over.

Chris Jericho Wanted To Send A Message

Chris Jericho would throw a couple extra punches Janelas’ way, and expose a turnbuckle before slamming Janela face first into it. He got back to winning ways, now he’s sending a message of Orange Cassidy. Janela was bloody now, and his wound would be targeted. OC would look on, and sprint into the ring.

Jake Hager would back Jericho up, but Sonny Kiss would make the save, being the partner of Janela. This would allow OC to get an advantage and send Hager to the outside. Jericho would be saved from the superman punch, OC would take out some bubbly and pour it out.

Who will win at Mimosa Mayhem? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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