AEW Dynamite Results: Dustin Rhodes vs. Mr. Brodie Lee [TNT Championship Match]

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At All Out, the team lead by Dustin Rhodes against Mr. Brodie Lee’s Dark Order came out with a win, with Rhodes pinning Colt Cabana. Now Brodie Lee has to defend his TNT Championship against him, won from Dustins’ brother Cody. This is the first singles championship match Rhodes has gotten in AEW, will the five decade veteran nab a huge win?

Dustin Rhodes Understands The Gravity Of This Match

Rhodes was ready to start this one as soon as Lee hit the ring, but waited for the full ring introductions from Justin Roberts. At Least he waited for Lee to turn his back during his intro, and attacked from behind. It would become an outside brawl in a hurry, with Lee nearly backdropped through a table. Heavy blows would be sent to Lee, and John Silver would be dropped somewhere along the way.

Back in the ring, this match would officially start, before spilling back to the outside, Lee getting the upper hand before heading back into the ring. They’d trade blows in the corner, Rhodes getting the full ten punch in the corner. This just pissed Brodie Lee off, and he’d look to show Dustin how Cody felt a few weeks back. He’d be booted in the face and slingshotted in the ropes as we go to the commercial break.

Throughout the break, Brodie Lee would keep the brawl going, trying to maul Rhodes on the outside but instead choosing to hold his TNT Championship high. Rhodes got back in the ring, and Lee would apply a sleeper hold, which was fought out of but he’d be dropped with a back elbow. Coming back from the break, Rhodes would rally back.

Mr. Brodie Lee Survives The Onslaught

A big leaping clothesline, the running bulldog, a classic comeback from Rhodes capped off by his signature powerslam. He’d set up the destroyer, but Lee shoved him off with a backdrop. Instead Rhodes hit a hurricanrana, and then a yoshi-tonic, the veteran busting out some new moves for this big match. The Cross Rhodes would be hit, and it got a two count.

Rhodes stayed on the offensive until he took a big superkick into a powerbomb, Lee getting a two count. He’d allow Rhodes to get to his feet in the corner before trying to run through him, but missed and ended up on the outside. A cannonball senton off the apron from Rhodes would again shock Lee. A distraction from John Silver allowed Rhodes to hit a low blow in the corner, before Rhodes took him out.

Rhodes would drop Lee with a classic piledriver, but it was too close to the ropes, the pinfall being broken by a rope break. This was a full on slugfest at this point, Rhodes dropping Lee for a very close pinfall with a huge spinning lariat. No one expected Dustin to have this much fight, dodging the Boss Man Slam. However, after two superkicks and a Discuss Lariat? Mr. Brodie Lee wins.

Following the match, Dark Order would come to the ring with a beaten down QT Marshall, but Cabana was scolded by Lee, still mad about All Out. Evil Uno would take him to the back, and Dark Order held Dustin back and let Lee kick him in the nuts. Is Colt Cabana going to face Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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