AEW Dynamite Results: Hangman Page vs. Evil Uno

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AEW Dynamite Results: Hangman Page vs. Evil Uno

Hangman Page & Kenny Omega are going solo in AEW after a long reign as AEW Tag Team Champions. Page has returned to this world with some ease, beating Frankie Kazarian in a fantastic match last week on Dynamite, and he looks to keep this momentum going this week, as he faced Evil Uno of The Dark Order. The Dark Order once looked to Page as a potential member, could they look to recruit him once again?

Again, this was offered as a tag team match, Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. Evil Uno & Stu Greyson, though Omega turned that down, but decided to come out on commentary for this match. This is actually the singles debut of Evil Uno on Dynamite, and he’d show he’s not just a tag team guy.

Evil Uno Shows His Skills

With The Dark Order hanging out on the stage, this match would begin. Uno got the advantage on the first lock up, ending up in the corner and having to start again. This lock would end with Page having a headlock, before being shoved off and hit with a shoulder tackle, though he’d quickly find his footing and nail a big boot to the face.

Page launched several hard chops before going for a snap suplex, getting the one count. Uno would run into Page and get dumped back onto the mat, before setting up the deadlift pumphandle suplex, getting a two count after staying through for the pin. Page would soon find himself on the defensive, hitting a chop and the back suplex.

Uno would go for the cannonball, but be sent over the top and hit with a springboard lariat, before launching Page would launch himself right at Uno. Back in the ring, Uno would weaponize referee Rick Knox, feeding him the leg of Page before nailing a neckbreaker.

Uno would remain in firm control, grinding Hangman Page down. Omega would confirm on commentary that he will step in if Dark Order attacks Page, as Page got shoved off the top rope right into the guard rail. He’d stumble back into the ring, and be looking worse for wear.

Hangman Page Hits The Buckshot

A slugfest would break out, with Page eating a back elbow and stumbling to the ramp, with Dark Order moving in. Evil Uno would send the troops back, wanting to win this one on his own, and then run into a backdrop on the apron. Page went high to go for the lariat, but miss, only to catch Uno with the Fallaway Slam into the running Shooting Star Press, nabbing a two count.

Uno would be hit with some lariats, before hitting the pump kick and a senton bomb for a near fall. Page would fight back with some lariats, but the running shooting star press would be countered into a rollup, but Uno didn’t pin him, and would be caught with a pop-up powerbomb.

Page set up the Buckshot Lariat, and this one was through. Omega would bid commentary adue, and head back, ignoring Hangman Page again. Will Page & Omega get back together? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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