AEW Dynamite Results: Jon Moxley vs. Mark Sterling

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AEW Dynamite Results: Jon Moxley vs. Mark Sterling

This Saturday at All Out, we see another huge defense of the AEW Championship. Jon Moxley will face MJF, with both men having never been pinned or submitted in their AEW careers, giving it a huge match feel. During the build to this match, MJF would be flanked by the wrestling lawyer, Mark Sterling.

However, in the contract for this match with Moxley, MJF missed an extra page that was added. That gave Moxley a match against Sterling, where Moxley will likely show MJF all the ways he can kick his ass. Does Mark Sterling stand a chance in this one, as he’d be threatened by MJF & Wardlow. If he didn’t take the match, it could be worse for him.

Mark Sterling Is Thrown To The Wolves

Wardlow would physically throw Mark Sterling to the ring, literally being thrown to the wolves. Jon Moxley on the other hand, came ready to kick some ass, and soaked the reaction of the crowd in along the way. Sterling would crawl in, and Moxley would pray for forgiveness for what he’s about to do.

Moxley would barely move and Sterling would flinch out of fear, and slowly circle Moxley, who would offer him a free shot, and even help him make a fist. Sterling would swing, Moxley weaved out of the way and slapped him right in the ear. Moxley would give him his back, and dodge at the last second. Wardlow at ringside looked embarrassed for Sterling.

The time for games would be through, and Moxley would catch a boot from Sterling and be poked in the eye! Now, he was doomed. Moxley ran him through with a lariat, and then did his best Minoru Suzuki impression with some outside brawling. He’d pull Sterlings shoes off, and beat him with it. Back in the ring, Moxley would nail the Paradigm Shift and end this one out of mercy. This Saturday, MJF won’t get that mercy.

Wardlow & MJF Attack Jon Moxley

Following the match, Wardlow would finally do some damage to Jon Moxley with a big lariat and two F-10’s. Now that Moxley was hurt in the ring, MJF would come to the ring and throw the walker and neck brace aside. A defenseless Moxley would be attacked, and MJF would ensure he’s not 100% as well as not being able to use his finisher. Finally, a punch from the Dynamite Diamond ring would drop Moxley, and MJF would stand tall ahead of All Out.

Moxley was bloody, and MJF would rub the blood on his own face. We’ve never seen MJF like this before, but he looked right holding that AEW Championship up.

Do you think MJF can beat Jon Moxley at All Out? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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