AEW Dynamite Results: Kenny Omega Interview, Staredown With FTR!

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AEW Dynamite Results: Kenny Omega Interview, Staredown With FTR!

Kenny Omega is in an odd situation right now in All Elite Wrestling, thanks to Hangman Page. Page was kicked out of The Elite by The Young Bucks last week, after he cost them the gauntlet match that could have gotten them to a match with Page & Omega at All Out. They’re still tag team champions for now, but with FTR across the ring from them at All Out? That might change. Kenny Omega would be interviewed ahead of this huge match, and we’d see what he thinks of everything going on.

Kenny Omega Speaks His Mind

He’d be invited down to the ring by Tony Schivonne, and Omega was wearing a shirt paying tribute to Hana Kimura, who would have been 23 years old today. Page would be nowhere in sight, leaving Omega alone for this interview. He’d be asked about the actions of Page against The Young Bucks.

Page is going to have to live with that choice for the rest of his life, but as a tag team? They need to beat FTR. He got fooled by FTR, and they need to move on. Just like every other team that Page & Omega faced, they’re going to fall.

It was at this time that FTR would make their way down to the ring, flanked by Tully Blanchard. They’d say they’re impressed by the run of Page & Omega, two singles guys who became fine champions. At All Out, they look forward to having a tag team classic, just a great wrestling match. They had a cooler, and brought some chocolate milk for Omega, who’d reject it and call them dickhead hillbillies.

Hangman Page Is Here!

Omega would note that he’s ready to fight, even if it’s three on one? He might get some shots in, but there’s a show to be run here, why delay? At this point, Page would come to ringside, and be goaded by FTR to come into the ring. They’d tell Page to tell Omega who made him turn on his best friends. It wasn’t FTR, it wasn’t Tully, it wasn’t anyone.

Page himself and his inner demons got in his own head, and that’s why caused his downfall. They’d call Page a piece of shit, but Omega tried to stop them from getting into the head of Page again. FTR would take the AEW Tag Team Championships, and throw them to the floor.

Page looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks, and Omega would leave the ring during this confrontation. Will the champions be a united front at All Out, or will FTR steamroll the champs? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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