AEW Dynamite Results: Matt Hardy Speaks After All Out

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At All Out, we almost saw the end of Matt Hardy in the Broken Rules match, when he’d fall twelve feet and smack his head on concrete. He is somehow okay, and tonight on AEW Dynamite he will address the fans. What will Hardy have to say after Saturday night and the fight with Sammy Guevara? Is Guevara done with him?

Matt Hardy Addresses Everyone

Hardy would come to his ring with the usual gusto, not stumbling anymore than usual. He’d grab the microphone, and thank the crowd for a great welcome. Hardy chants would flow in from the fans, and he’d comment on how nice it is to have this back. Everyone watching at home would get some thanks as well.

Saturday at All Out, he suffered a scary fall which frightened fans everywhere, and he got an overwhelming amount of support from fans over the past few days. After a myraid of tests, he’s expected to make a 100% full recovery. He’s not gonna lie and say he doesn’t want to claim to be the strongest man alive, but he’s the luckiest. His wife and youngest kid were in attendance, and he’d apologize to his family and fans for putting them through the grief of potential injury.

Finally, he wanted to apologize that The Broken Rules match wasn’t what he wanted, but it might be a good thing. Things got too heated with Guevara, and if it continued, someone might have gotten seriously hurt. For now, Hardy is gonna heal up, get back to 100%, and when he’s back? He wants to climb the ranks to the AEW Championship. His wrestling career isn’t over, and as long as fans support him, he will keep getting in this ring and give his all.

Hardy Changing His Focus Is For The Best

Matt Hardy chasing the AEW Championship, or even the TNT Championship is a good step for him to take. He’s a respected veteran, who when he stays in the ring is still fine. Should Hardy be able to resist doing wild stunts for a while, he might have a longer career.

Do you see Hardy as a future champion in AEW, or is this dream destined to be broken? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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