AEW Dynamite Results: MJF In Action

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AEW Dynamite Results: MJF In Action

At All Out, MJF failed to win the AEW Championship, losing to Jon Moxley. This is a loss he is contesting, as Moxley used the banned move in the Paradigm Shift. He has fired his campaign staff, and even came close to losing his bodyguard in Wardlow.

It took Moxley’s best hit to end MJF at All Out, and it’s clear that one day he will be the AEW Champion, and that day could be soon. He will look to get back on track with a win tonight, after arguably the best match of his career. His opponent would be ‘The Captain’ Shaun Dean, a frequent flyer on AEW Dark.

MJF Sets A Record For Shortest Match In AEW Dynamite History

Dean would be offered a handshake to start the match, which he would accept. However after the ref turned to signal for the bell to be rung, MJF would poke the eye of Dean. MJF would go right for the Fujiwara armbar he calls Salt Of The Earth, wrenching back, and Dean would tap out. He’d leave the hold in for an extra few seconds to send a message, and have Wardlow throw Dean out of their ring.

The current record for shortest match in AEW history was held by Jon Moxley with a win over Michael Nakazawa, but MJF took that record here, and it’ll be hard to beat this new record.

Wardlow Gets Him The Microphone

Following his blink and you’ll miss it win, he’d take some time to speak. He’d remind everyone that MJF is an honest man, and Moxley cheated at All Out. You can’t deny this, he used a banned move in his match. Right now, MJF should be undefeated and the AEW Champion.

From here on out, MJF will be referred to as the uncrowned AEW Champion, and he’d call Justin Roberts to announce MJF’s new title to the world. The stare of Wardlow would convince him to do it, and MJF would tell him to do it with feeling.

As the uncrowned champion, it’s clear he’s not going to get a fair shake. You need to be part of a faction to get ahead, and he recognizes this. Maybe it’s time he joins one for himself, but it doesn’t matter. This is because at the end of the day, he’s still better than you and you know it.

Do you think MJF will get another chance to become AEW Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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