AEW Dynamite Results: The Lucha Bros w/ Eddie Kingston vs. Jurassic Express

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With how often AEW runs tag team matches, it’s amazing there are still first time matches to be held. The Lucha Bros might have faced Jurassic Express members Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt during the opening round of the World Tag Team Title Tournament, but never Jungle Boy & Luchasarus. That changes tonight, as Lucha Bros look to show Eddie Kingston that they are still able to step up and win matches, and Jurassic Express look to move past a loss to The Young Bucks at All Out. Who would rise in the tag team ranks?

Starting Things Off Fast

Fenix & Jungle Boy would start this match, with Jungle Boy being shoved into the corner before a clean break. Jungle Boy would get a headscissors early, showing he can match Fenix in agility early. They’d pick the pace up early, but Penta would seek to slow things down. An assisted splash from the Lucha Bros would take Jungle Boys breath away, and an open handed chop would bruise the chest.

Penta tried to get the package piledriver, but Jungle Boy slipped out and tagged in Luchasaurus. They’d hit a tandem flatliner to drop Penta, before he’d clash one on one with Luchasarus, the bruisers of their respective teams. Penta would hold his own despite having a size disadvantage, and Jungle Boy would be tagged back in. He’d take out both members of Lucha Bros with headscissors, sending Fenix to the outside.

Jurassic Express Take Advantage Of A Chance

Jungle Boy would hit the tope but then look for the springboard DDT on Penta, only to be shoved into a superkick from Fenix. Back in the ring, he’d find himself isolated and absorbing hard strikes aplenty, until he slipped away to tag in Luchasaurus once again. He’d clean house and drop Fenix with a big spinebuster, but didn’t go for a pin. Fenix would be set up for a powerslam but Penta made the save.

Fenix went to the top rope and took a massive chokeslam, Penta saving his brother from being pinned. Jungle Boy would be tagged in as Fenix took Luchasaurus out with a springboard headbutt, before hitting Jungle Boy with the Gory Special, also getting Luchasaurus with a double leg drop. Penta tagged in and hit a backstabber on Fenix, then signal for the end.

The assisted package piledriver would be hit, but Penta took too long to get the pin, allowing Jungle Boy to kick out! A miscommunication would cause Penta to hit his own brother with the destroyer, and Jungle Boy would take advantage for the win.

Trouble In Paradise

After the match, Fenix & Penta were ready to attack each other, Butcher & Blade running support as Eddie Kingston gets the microphone to defuse everything. He’d remind them that PAC & Allie aren’t here, but he is. Kingston would ask what went wrong at the Battle Royale, they should be running this place but they can’t stop fighting.

He’d insist Penta & Fenix shake hands, and after a lot of deliberation, they’d hug it out. Kingston would remind everyone he was never eliminated from the Casino Battle Royale, setting that record straight. Will Kingston get his shot to beat Archer? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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