AEW Dynamite Results: Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Debb

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AEW Dynamite Results: Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Debb

At All Out, we will see the AEW Women’s Championship be defended against an outsider, another champion of the industry. Hikaru Shida will be faced by the NWA Women’s Champion, Thunder Rosa. Rosa won’t be making her debut at this event for AEW however, as she will be in action for the first time tonight, facing the debuting Serena Debb. Debb is best known for her time in the Straight Edge Society with CM Punk in WWE. Will Rosa get started on the right foot, or embarass the National Wrestling Alliance with a loss?

Thunder Rosa & Serena Debb Put On A Clinic

Serena Debb would already be in the ring as Thunder Rosa made her way to the ring, with the NWA Women’s Championship in tow. Rosa has won twenty of her last twenty-two matches, and looked to add to that here. They’d lock up hard in the middle of the ring, with Rosa being taken to the mat but then tripping the legs of Debb.

Rosa would be outwrestled by the more veteran Debb, and even hit with a big uppercut. These strikes would just fire up Rosa, who would get moving in this match and hit a big dropkick. Some heavy chops would be thrown, as Jim Ross explains the NWA Women’s Championship goes all the way back to Mildred Burke.

Debb would hit a big neckbreaker, and attack the knee of Thunder Rosa before going for a single leg boston crab. Rosa fought to the apron, but she’d be caught in a front chancery, and then another neckbreaker; this time on the ropes. Debb would get moving, and be tripped onto the middle rope, and Rosa would jump onto the back of her neck.

A Big Win Going Into All Out

Rosa would take control with a neckbreaker of her own, and then hit a running leg drop on Debb before taunting a bit. She’d be in complete control of her opponent, and she’d show her power when Debb would be placed in the tree of woe. Rosa rolled across the ring, and nailed a big dropkick.

Debb wouldn’t be ready to give up, fighting out of a double arm choke, and hitting a big backstabber to create some space. A few running clothesline, an armbreaker, and a tight octopus stretch into a pinning predicament. She got a bit overzealous, and Rosa would hit some big knee strikes, and a low dropkick to Debb who was resting on the bottom rope. Rosa would be rolled up out of nowhere, and nearly be caught.

Debb tried for a piledriver, Rosa slipped out and got a Death Valley Driver for a two count. They’d trade pinfalls, and a german suplex from Rosa dropped Debb on her head. Rosa would pluck her up off the mat, hit the Thunder Driver and this one was through.

This was easily the best AEW Women’s division match in months, and both of these women should be on the radar to be signed to the company. Rosa got a big win going into All Out, but Debb showed she’s still one of the best in the ring. Will Thunder Rosa get another big win at All Out?

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