Both Members Of Authors Of Pain Released From WWE

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Just when you thought WWE was done releasing people from their contracts in 2020, and messing with tag teams, they go ahead to do both. The latest victims are Akam & Rezar, better known as The Authors of Pain, who have just been released from WWE.

Authors Of Pain Should Have Been Stars In WWE

Right from their start in NXT, Authors of Pain were groomed to be stars. Here we had two heavyweight bruisers, who were young, great grapplers, and agile heavyweights come. They’d be paired with the legendary Paul Ellering, the classic manager of the Road Warriors, and that instantly established them as a set of serious badasses. Wasting no time, they would win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic beating TM-61 in the finals.

This would lead to them getting a shot at the NXT Tag Team Champions, defeating #DIY in the process. They’d go on to defend the championships in the first ever tag team ladder match in NXT history, also against #DIY, a match better known for the tragic breakup of the team.

Soon after, Authors of Pain would go on to Monday Night RAW, but would ditch Paul Ellering. They would still go on to claim the RAW Tag Team Championships from Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose. They’d not fare as well as in NXT, getting injured and vanishing from TV.

Coming back, they would join forces with Seth Rollins in the early days of his messiah gimmick. Working with him as his muscle would bring them high into the spotlight, until Rezar would fall to injury. This would be their last showing, with Akam also taken off TV.

Likely To Reunite With Ellering Outside Of WWE

One of the biggest mistakes WWE made with Akam & Rezar was taking Ellering away from them. He was the perfect mouthpiece for them, and fit their badass aura. Now that they will be free to work elsewhere in 90 days, we might see them reunite with Ellering in a promotion like the NWA or All Elite Wrestling.

Much like teams like The Revival, Authors of Pain are going to show that WWE squandered their talent along the way. They suffered some hard injuries, but still have their youth and plenty of raw talent. WWE trained them, and now another company will benefit.

What company do you hope to see Authors of Pain in? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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