Cody’s Heel Turn Could Be Game Changing For AEW

Old School Cody!!

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This week AEW Dynamite saw the return of Cody’s old hair colour of black. Taking a step away from the Rhodes golden blonde hair colour.

This as well as his new aggressive style, it really looks like a heel Cody has stepped back into AEW. Cody runs in AEW and has been fully babyface with him being the biggest baby face in the company. Now that Cody looks like he’s gone heel and Cody is arguably the best at being a heel.

If you look back at his indie run, NJPW and ROH run there all at their best when he was a hell. Now that he’s on a platform like AEW with a lot of freedom. This heel run with Cody could be massive. He did also have the black hair mostly when he’s a heel. That’s just great symbolism. 

Was his return too early? 

There is the fact that Cody has returned a bit early. It could have maybe been a bit long, maybe like 2 months or slightly longer just to build up his return. The return was still a surprise and did pay off to be a good return.

It feels like Brody could have had maybe a couple more segments mention Cody before his return. Just to hint slightly at Cody, return to attack him. Cody returned though with a new look and maybe a heel personality could be massive.

Could this be the start be of a huge storyline hinted through AEW 

A heel Cody could be the start of an ongoing story in AEW actually started to take form. This possibly bringing Cody, FTR and Shawn Spears together to form a new 4 horseman faction. It should be said though MJF is looking for a faction so maybe Cody could be part of this. If a new faction is formed out of FTR, Shawn Spears and Cody.

The inclusion of MJF wouldn’t be a bad thing. Even though FTR and Shawn Spears haven’t really done anything yet. They are now showing three fingers, maybe hinting that they are part of the same team. A lot of people do think the third member of the faction is Tully Blanchard but what if it’s Shawn Spears as Tully was his manager.

It could be that they’re saving it for when Cody and maybe MJF joins the faction to show them all together at the same time for a most likely great promo.

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