Expectations of MLW and Its 2020 Return

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Expectations of MLW and Its 2020 Return

So, we looked at how MLW handled things during COVID-19 as well as expectations of an NWA return. What we didn’t touch on was a Major League Wrestling return. 

Unlike NWA which just went dark after #SpeakingOut, MLW continued pumping out promos weekly while running MLW Anthology and old MLW Underground episodes. 

Version 2.0 

The company was restarted once with the current Major League Wrestling being a better product than the original. O.G MLW seemed more like an ECW offshoot-indy hybrid than its own thing. 

The current Major League Wrestling is very much its own thing supported by indy veterans who were in the rising stars and the spotlight back then with rising stars being the focus now. 

It’s basically what MLW would’ve become if it had more time. Hell, if it ran more frequently while we’re at it. Honestly, 2004-2005 would’ve been all Low Ki all the time. 

Major League Wrestling: The Restart 

With that out of the way, MLW opted not to run shows but kept the creative ball rolling. Personas remained fresh at that time as did some feuds. 

Of course, some wrestlers left in that time and new ones joined the company. MLW wasn’t stuck at a particular time where it looks like a full reset is necessary. 

I used “reboot” for the NWA but a reset seems more accurate. Since MLW has been current with content, releasing something every week, the only thing that might need to be rebooted is MLW Fusion. 

Even then, Major League Wrestling could simply resume shows. It’s expected to happen this year with the North Richland Hills, TX—which should be War Chamber—and Intimidation Games in Cicero, IL being moved to next year. 


This is a lot easier than looking at the NWA because MLW kept the ball rolling. You still have the unfinished Von Erich and Team Filthy business. 

Gino Medina looks to be going his own way and wants to make his mark in the company but the Dynasty influence is still there. He has gotten a lot better on interviews in the meantime. 

Injustice still has unfinished business with Brian Pillman Jr who was gunning for the Middleweight title. Jordan Oliver’s moved up in weight class so that should be interesting. 

Konnan’s issues with Salina de la Renta have reignited. Their forces aren’t defined so expect both sides to establish their charges during The Restart. 

L.A Park and his sons just want gold in the company. They don’t care who stands in their way—because Papa Park is big enough to steamroll them. 

The Dynasty’s Richard Holliday is really catching it from teammate Alexander Hammerstone and “The Queen of Interviews” Alicia Alout. He also has unresolved issues with Savio Vega. 

Since Josef Samael and Contra Unit still has control of Major League Wrestling’s operations, they’re targeting everyone. 

Speaking of Contra Unit and Dynasty, Alexander Hammerstone was on top of the PWI top contenders for the World title and is still the National Openweight Champion. 

There’s an unavoidable showdown with Jacob Fatu. 

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