Fighting Spirit Unleashed: Night One Marquee

Jay White Is Rolling Again

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Moments After The September 4th Fighting Spirit Unleashed 2020 Marquee Began via New Japan Pro Wrestling World

The marquee match of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s (NJPW) Fighting Spirit Unleashed 2020 – Night One saw Bullet Club member Jay White take on Flip Gordon, who is often outspoken concerning his proclivity to believe conspiracy theories

Jay White, who has been quiet concerning former IWGP Heavyweight and IWGP Intercontinental ‘Double Champion’ Evil joining the Bullet Club and seemingly assuming the ‘leadership’ role of the faction in Japan, needed to make a statement in singles competition.

Flip Gordon wanted to use a match against Jay White to further his standing on the global wrestling stage by winning a one on one match against a former IWGP Heavyweight, IWGP Intercontinental, and IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion.

As expected, White was able to control the pace and flow of the vast majority of the match, however, Flip found opportunities to string together offense in an effort to score a major upset.

Gordon wasn’t able to cash in on his one good opportunity, allowing Jay White to use impactful suplexes to set up for the Blade Runner. White would gain the fall at the 10 minute and 22-second mark.

After the match, White spoke on the microphone and said he didn’t owe fans a statement regarding his thoughts about Evil and what’s happening with the Bullet Club faction in Japan. 

Switchblade did ensure fans that it was still his era of the Bullet Club and that nothing has changed. His non-direct addressing of Evil could lead to conflict in the future if Evil wishes to assert himself as the true leader of the faction.

With Japan continuing its travel restrictions, Evil and Jay White may not be in the same country until the new year, which could lead to a resolution of the current questions surrounding Bullet Club.

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