How Major League Wrestling Handled COVID-19

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How Major League Wrestling Handled COVID-19

We went into expectations of the NWA returning based on an interview with AEW co-owner Tony Khan but the return of Major League Wrestling is more definite. 

Last Time In Major League Wrestling 

When Major League Wrestling went on hiatus, the company had several storylines ongoing. The main thing was the Team Filthy vs. Von Erichs and friends. 

This feud kept several wrestlers in the mix of things. Low Ki and Davey Boy Smith—guys who should have their own separate programs—were involved. 

We also had Konnan and his lucha libre rising stars dealing with Injustice. Savio Vega, Mance Warner, and big Logan Creed dealt with Dynasty. 

Also, Contra Unit—the faction with the coolest goddamn logo in wrestling—was doing whatever. Causing havoc but not directly feuding with anyone. 

Now, this bit irks me a bit because you’ve got a perfectly good Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael not involved in beef anyone…unless you count feuding with Court Bauer over control of MLW. 

Yes, with the last pre-COVID MLW Fusion, Contra Unit took over the headquarters of Major League Wrestling. Unfortunately, they took it over right when the pandemic happened and shows were put on hold. 

Business Decisions For MLW 

By the time that MLW Fusion went on hiatus, WWE, Impact Wrestling, and AEW decided to run no-attendance shows. Japanese and Mexican promotions did as well. 

MLW owner Court Bauer wasn’t too keen on empty arena shows and decided to not run them. Now, personally I was like “What the hell? Do it! Run those Fusions!” 

Hell, by now promotions have found a place to run shows out of anyway. In the future maybe companies will establish their own home bases just in case or as a cost-cutting measure. 

That aside, he did it for safety reasons as well. So, you can’t blame him. Bauer is what I’d call a savvy promoter.  

He has a background in WWE and has experience running TV. The guy has Jeff Jarrett-levels of finding broadcasting deals.  

The guy managed to secure more deals outside of the U.S for Fusion meaning more eyeballs will be the product. That’s in addition to the easy access of being on YouTube. 

Not only that, but he’s also always worked with a small roster while signing new talents to the company. This is at a time when cuts were being made elsewhere. 

Overall, I’d say Major League Wrestling handled the pandemic extremely well. Even though it relied heavily on vault content and weekly promos, it continued to produce content. 

On top of that, it advanced storylines, introduced new signings, and created new storylines without running a show in North America since March. 

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