Imapct (9/21) – Retribution shows their Masks

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Hello and welcome to WWE Raw Results! Thank you for joining us tonight as it looks like we have an interesting episode ahead of us on both Raw and Raw Underground.

With this being the last Raw before Clash of Champions, we should have some matches set.

So, let’s get this party going.

Retribution enters the building

And the show opens with technical glitches in it’s “Then and Now” segment and then we switched inside where Retribution entered the ring.

They lined up and pulled their heads done but still wore masks. It appears Retribution’s lead member are Shane Thorne, Mia Yim, Dominik Dijakovic, Dio Madden, and Kayden Carter, we believe but could be wrong.

Mia Yim called out the WWE for thinking they’re safe after giving them contracts last week. Oddly enough, they claimed the contracts allow them to beat up whoever they want.

Kinda sounds like the Vince McMahon based NWO in 2002.

She added the fighting continues because management and the wrestlers are motivated soley by money while they continue to get stepped on.

She then said her and her brothers and sisters are through getting stepped on for an imaginary brass ring (Brian Myers on Impact said it first. Just saying)

Dominic Dijakovik then took the mic and said they are there to destroy the WWE and rebuild it in the image of Retribution.

They’ll do it by trading the life blood of the company (wrestlers) and blamed them for the sickness taking hold.

He then added that Retribution will make them pay for their sins because they are the judge, jury, and the executioners.

Business is open

The Hurt Business’ music then played and they came out.

MVP, Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin, and Bobby Lashley removed their coats and headed to the ring.

Retribution slipped out of the ring when the Hurt Business entered.

MVP then called them out for having no heart, crowbars, and a chainsaw and promised them they were in for some hurt tonight.

Lashley referred to them as kids hiding behind masks, and then the rest of Retribution came out and surrounded the ring.

The ring was swarmed by the twenty or so Retribution members as Benjamin and Alexander were taken outside the ring, while MVP and Lashley were beaten down in the ring.

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