Impact Wrestling Results (9/1) – Impact World Championship – Eric Young Defeated Eddie Edwards

Young hit Edwards with his hockey mask and then a piledriver for the pin

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Impact Wrestling Results (9/1) – Impact World Championship – Eric Young Defeated Eddie Edwards

Impact Wrestling Results found Brian Myers backstage being interviewed about his win over Willie Mack last week.

He said he won cleanly and added that next week he’ll offer Mack a chance to shake his hand.

Moose interrupted looking for EC3, and Myers directed him down the way then walked out after his interview was interrupted. Looks like Moose may be on his radar now, too.

Impact World Championship Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Eric Young

Edwards didn’t waste any time as he charged Eric Young, but Young got a way, then countered with an elbow.

Edwards flopped Young over and went for an early pinfall attempt.

Edwards then chopped Young a couple of time and hit with a headbutt, but he took too long as Young hit with a kick.

The two continued jockeying for the upper hand until Young hung Edward up on the ropes as we headed to commercial.

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We retuned as Edwards countered coming off the ropes with a kick, then nailed Young with several blows before he slid under Young’s legs to the outside, and pulled Yong of the apron.

Edwards countered an Irish whip by hitting a clothesline.

On the apron, Edwards tired to hit s suplex twice, but Young countered with a punch and hit with a neckbreaker on the apron.

Young then draped Edward on the apron and hit with an elbow before pushing him into the ring for a near pinfall.

Edwards fought back with some chops, but Young hit with another neckbreaker and a near pinfall.

Young continued to work on Edwards back with kicks and bending Edwards over the ropes while the referee counted.

Young hit with another neckbreaker and another pinfall attempt, then locked him in a reverse chin lock.

Edwards fought ack again, but Young halted it with a pair of forearm shivers that crumpled Edwards.

Edwards countered with a Blue Thunder Powerbomb to get some time.

On their feet, Edwards got his second wind and hammered Young into the corner, but Young hit with a boot when Edwards charged into the corner.

Edward his with a step up kick, then hit with a backpack stunner off of the corner for a near pinfall.

Edwards sat Young on the top rope, then climbed up to attempt a superplex, but Young fought out of it, and knocked Edwards off the rope.

Young then hit with a flying elbow, but Edwards kicked out.

Young started to get frustrated and pulled Edwards up. The pair exchanged blows in the middle of the ring, and Edwards threw Young into the corner, then hit with a boot and hit with a splash over the top rope.

Edwards’ gut check

It looked like Edwards hurt his knee when he landed.

Edwards through Young into the ring, and hit with a Tiger Driver, but Young kicked out when Edwards grabbed his knee.

Edwards readied for a Boston Knee Party, but Young rolled out of the ring Edwards hit with another suicide dive, but further injured his knee.

He rolled Young into the ring and Young grabbed the championship belt. When the referee took it from him, he hit Edwards with his hockey mask he entered wearing.

He followed that with a piledriver for the pin to become new Impact World Champion.

Young started to leave, but ran in and hit Edwards injured knee with a chop block, then locked in a single leg bar, causing security to run out to break it up.

Young left Edwards in the ring, writhing in pain as he held the world championship high.

This was a good match, and should prove interesting as Young defends his title going forward.

Moose’s discovery

After the match, Moose burst into a back room where a bulletin board was covered with hundred of pictures of Moose up to today, showing that EC3’s been stalking him.

There was a map with lines and an large symbol Moose said he knows where EC3 will go.

Moose tore the board down to a written message pinned to the wall that read, “You have been warned.”

Impact Wrestling Results really enjoyed the show and we’re excited to see what’s coming next week.

What’d you think of it? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you next time in the Impact Zone.

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