Impact Wrestling Results (9/1) – Sami Callihan Defeated Rob Van Dam; Johnny Swinger’s New Wrestle House Clothes

Callihan rolled Van Dam up for the pin

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Impact Wrestling Results (9/1) – Sami Callihan Defeated Rob Van Dam; Johnny Swinger’s New Wrestle House Clothes

Looks like we’re in for some fun matches tonight, and Impact Wrestling Results are all set to get it on.

Nothing like starting the night off with some action.

Sami Callihan vs. Rob Van Dam (W/Katie Forbes)

Callihan knocked RVD off the ring apron and into the railing, then blew a kiss to Katie Forbes.

He rammed RVD into the ring post, then the railing before hitting with a running chop to RVD’s chest.

After throwing RVD into another railing, Forbes stepped between them.

Callihan pushed her aside, but it gave RVD the chance to turn the tide by hitting Callihan with a clothesline and a few strikes before they made it back into the ring.

RVD blew a kiss to Forbes, and Callihan hit with a big boot, and followed up with a with kick and elbow t the back of the neck.

Forbes grabbed Callihan’s ankle off the ropes, giving RVD a chance to nail Callihan from behind.

Forbes tripped Callihan on the ring apron and the referee ignored it.

EVD banged Callihan off the ring post, the draped him on the railing before he hit with a spinning leg drop off the ring apron.

RVD connected with a series of kicks before throwing Callihan into the ring.

RVD hit with an inverted atomic drop, then face planted Callihan into the mat, but Callihan got his knees up to counter RVD’s Rolling Thunder.

Callihan then kicked out RVD’s legs and hit with a low cutter.

A pair of running clotheslines put Callihan back in control.

Forbes distracted Callihan once again, and RVD hit him with a kick from behind and then a split legged moonsault for a near pinfall.

Callihan caught RVD on the top rope, and Callihan hit with a hangman cutter off the top ropes for a near pinfall.

Once again, Forbes distracted when Callihan went for the piledriver, and RVD tried to land a sunset flip, but Callihan rolled through it for the pin and win.

Forbes slid out of the ring to give Callihan some grief, and RVD hit him from behind and the pair continued kicking Callihan.

RVD then threw him into the ring where he choked Callihan out on the bottom rope with his foot, then a steel chair.

Forbes then hit with a hip attack, followed with another with the steel chair in front of his face.

RVD hit a rolling boot through the chair to send a final message. Guess that’s their birthday present to Callihan.

This feud is definitely far from over, and it’s going to be interesting to see what Callihan has planned for Katie Forbes.

After the match, we cut backstage to Hernandez beating Fallah Bahh in an arm wrestling match. After he paid, Reno Scum arrived and reported that they couldn’t find Heath in the building.

They said they want the entire roll of money for taking out Rhino and Hernandez agreed.

This should be interesting. Impact Wrestling Results will be surprised if Hernandez follows through on his promise.

Wrestle House Swinger’s new duds

Rosemary and Taya and Bravo enter the stooge room separately where they recap recent events by Rosemary saying, “What ever it takes.”

Bravo admitted he doesn’t know what happened and said he now knows what he did wrong.

Taya said they betrayed her. She’s furious at letting them into her inner circle to be betrayed and said they’re leaving Wrestle House when she says they’re leaving

Everyone was gathered outside Johnny Swinger’s room and he’s refusing to come out dressed like Crazzy Steve, as per the stipulation of their match last week.

Kylie Rae mentioned maybe they haven’t been nice, so Susi promised they won’t make fun of him if he comes out.

He made everyone promise, and when he stepped out, the snickering began.

Cody told him “you look great. Yu definitely don’t look like a reject from Insane Clown Posse.”

After some more barbs were exchanged Tommy Dreamer pulled Bravo aside and after saying he didn’t want to put more pressure on him, named him the special referee between Rosemary and Taya.

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