Impact Wrestling Results (9/1) – Wrestle House – Taya Valkyrie Defeated Rosemary; Tenille Dashwood Interrupts Deonna Purrazzo’s Black Tie Affair

Taya hit with a front slam for the pin

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Impact Wrestling Results (9/1) - Wrestle House – Taya Valkyrie Defeated Rosemary; Tenille Dashwood Interrupts Deonna Purrazzo’s Black Tie Affair

Impact Wrestling Results have been waiting for this, and Taya taunted Rosemary as she lounged in the corner. Tay continued insulting her as they met in the middle of the ring.

Rosemary gave as good as she got and they exchanged slaps before a braw broke out.

Bravo broke them up, and Taya charged at Rosemary, who countered with an elbow.

Taya hit with a kick, then hip attack, and followed that up with running double knees in the corner.

After yelling at Bravo, she dragged Rosemary to the center of the ring for a near pinfall.

Rosemary shoved her back into the corner and hit with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near pinfall.

Now it was Rosemary’s turn to jaw at Bravo. She ducked a clothesline and hit Taya with a spear.

Taya then hit with a spear and they superkicked each other.

Both slowly got to their feet, and rosemary missed with a shoulderblock and hit the ring post.

Taya hit a front slam for the pinfall, but she didn’t cheer.

When Bravo checked on Rosemary, she moved away.

Rosemary told him he did the right thing, and now that she lost she should go home.

Happy ending

Bravo took a bite out of her apple, and held out an engagement ring.

Rosemary was confused since she lost, and Bravo said he still had his job and Taya would be his employer and Rosemary his wife.

Taya slowly approached and said it’s okay with her.

Bravo officially asked if Rosemary would marry him, and she asked if he knew she’s a demon.

He replied that’s what he loved about her and she accepted to cheers.

Kylie Rae said it’s the sweetest thing she;s ever seen and asked if they can go back to the Impact Zone so she can become the Knockout championship.

Rosemary left it to Taya, and she said they could leave.

The Deaners (Jake had his arm in a sling after Susie messed him up) continued to wonder if it was XXXL that took their beer and it switched to Crazzy Steve in the Snitch booth admitting it was him, and that he couldn’t read the label.

Everyone gathered in the middle of the ring and put their hands together, and when they chanted Wrestle House they disappeared.

It sucks this is over, but maybe they’ll revisit the concept in the future. On the plus side, Bravo and Rosemary marrying is going to be a fun event.

Deonna Purrazzo’s Black Tie Affair – Tenille Dashwood’s Return

Kimber Lee was the Emcee and welcomed everyone to the event, and few if any were in black ties, but still good clothing.

She introduced Deonna Purrazzo as the greatest female technical wrestlers, and Purrazzo came out in an awesome dress.

Trey Miguel held the ropes for her while Dez and Wentz gave him grief.

She thanks everyone for being there despite none of them being up to par, and she gave a toast to being the Knockouts Champion.

She then said her name should be added to the list with Donatello and Michelangelo for she put together a masterpiece in defeated Grace twice.

She added that tonight is about celebrating her night and that no one will ruin it.

Of course, Jordynn Grace came out with microphone in hand.

Grace apologized for being underdressed and said she’s there to congratulate Deonna for taking her to her limit in both their matches.

Grace then added that Purrazzo should enjoy her title reign because it wouldn’t last.

Tenille Dashwood returned to Impact Wrestling and made a splash by saying she’s so touched that everyone gathered for her return, much to Purrazzo’s horror.

She added that Purrazzo has a small role to play since it’s her title Dashwood is coming for.

Purrazzo was about to lose her stuff when the Wrestle House appeared.

The ring entered and Kimber Lee grabbed Kylie Rae. Susie distracted Lee so Kylie could hit her with a superkick.

That’s definitely a way to make a statement, and Impact Wrestling Results approve.

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