Impact Wrestling Results (9/15) – Susie and Kylie Rae Defeated Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee

Susie hit a Panic Switch on Kimber Lee for the pin

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wresting Results! Looks like an amazing show tonight, and we’re set to get things going and find out what’s next for us.

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee vs. Kylie Rae and Susie

The match started with Kylie and Susie holding a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine who starts, and it was Kylie Rae against Purrazzo.

A quick rear waist lock by Kylie was countered by a writs lock.

Kyle returned the favor, and Purrazzo got out of it and then bowed to show her greatness. Kylie rolled her up into a small package for a near pinfall.

Purrazzo wasn’t happy and tagged Kimber in.

A drop toe hold and leg scissors sent Kimber across the ring.

Kylie and Susie double teams Kimber by hitting her with splashes in the corner, and then hitting a double bulldog on Kimber for a near pinfall.

Kimber countered Susie off the rope, and Purrazzo caught Susie in the back with a knee and Kimber rolled her up for a quick pinfall.

Kimber then locked in a single leg lock, but Susie managed to grab the ropes to break then hold.

Susie fought t her feet, and Kimber knocked her down with a blow to the back, and Kimber and Purrazzo hit a double suplex for the near pinfall.

Purrasso worked over Susie in the corner with several kicks, and then hit with a clothesline before Susie caught her in a sunset flip for a near pinfall.

Purrazzo hit another clothesline to regain control, and tagged in Kimber.

Kimber worked on Susie’s back with a double arm stretch and kick before handing her off to Purrazzo.

Susie tried to fight out of the corner, and hit with an inverted atomic drop to take in Kylie as Kimber tagged in.

Kylie and Kimber matched energy and the pace picked up as Kimber caught her superkick, forcing Kylie to hit with a dropkick, then a cannonball in the corner for a near pinfall.

Purrazzo tried to help but her hit Kimber by accident and Kylie then tossed Purrazzo out of the ring.

Kimber hit Kylie with a German suplex, and then Susie when she tagged in for a near pinfall.

Susie caught Kimber on the top rope with an Arachnarona, and then the Panic Switch for the win.

After the match, Susie looked like she was transitioning, and a panicked Kylie called to her and managed to bring her back.

Backstage, Rohit ran into Trey, who stopped him and called Rohit the dodgeball champion the way he dodges everyone.

Rohit said he’s the Oprah of the X Division with handing out opportunities.

When Trey asked if he gets a shot, Rohit said he deserves a shot, but Chris Bey still has his rematch, and TJP beat him, so it’s out of his hands.

Trey said he’s going to go roll up TJP and then he’ll see Rohit. Rohit didn’t look too happy at that option.

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