Impact Wrestling Results (9/29) – Jordynn Grace Defeated Tenille Dashwood

Grace locked in a reverse choke hold for the submission

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Impact Wrestling Results (9/29) – Jordynn Grace Defeated Tenille Dashwood

Impact Wrestling Results came back to Deonna Purrazzo being asked about Kylie Rae’s challenge last week.

Purrazzo said all the smiling and positivity won’t help her at Bound For Glory, and she promised she’ll break Kylie’s arm.

It was the pointed out that at Victory Road Purrazzo will defend the Knockouts Championship against Susie.

Kimber Lee didn’t take it well and said the interview was over and pulled Purrazzo away.

Gotta wonder if Susie or Su Yung will be the one challenging Purrazzo.

Back in the ring, it’s match time.

Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb with a K) vs. Jordynn Grace

The match started with Dashwood taking her time to get ready, then her kick to the midsection was Caught by Grace.

Dashwood locked in a rear waist lock, and Grace countered It into a Grace Drive attempt that Dashwood blocked, forcing her to hit with a shoulder block off the ropes and hit a senton for a near pinfall.

Grace continued to beat on Dashwood in one corner, then took her to another and hit with a pair of kicks, then a slap to the chest before she threw Dashwood into the opposite corner.

Dashwood rolled out of the ring but remained sitting on the apron, so Grace grabbed her by the hair and tried to throw her into the ring post, but Dashwood blocked it and is with a neckbreaker on the ropes for a near pinfall as we headed to commercial.

Grace for the win

We returned with Dashwood in control, stomping Grace in the corner, while Kaleb kept annoying Grace and getting her attention.

Dashwood wrapped Grace’s arm around the bottom rope, then pulled her into the ring for a near pinfall.

Grace reversed an Irish whip into the corner, but missed her splash but rolled Dashwood up for a near pinfall.

Dashwood nailed Grace with a kick and continued working on her between Kaleb taking her pictures.

Dashwood snapmared Grace for a near pinfall.

Grace held onto the ropes when Dashwood tried to thwhip her across, then hit her with a kick. She followed it up with a splash, running knee, and a Vader Bomb for a near pinfall.

Grace picked her up for a Grace Driver, but Dashwood fought out of it and received a clothesline for her trouble and a near pinfall by Grace.

Grace hit with a pair of clotheslines in the corner,  btu stopped herself when Dashwood sidestepped her third attempt and hit with an elbow, but Dashwood managed to tie her up I a Tree of Woe on the second rope.

Dashwood hit with a crossbody for another near pinfall.

Grace powered out of a double underhook DDT and hit with a back elbow and was ready to hit a Grace Driver when Kaleb distracter her.

Dashwood fought out of the and rolled her up, but Grace reversed it unto a rear choke for the submission win.

EC3 Torments Moose

Backstage, Moose continued looking for EC3 and was directed to his own locker rrom.

Surprised he had his own locker room, Moose entered and grabbed a guy in a hoodie sitting at a desk, the apologized.

The guy said he’s just an employee and will talk to HR.

EC3 appeared on the wall, mocking him for getting close. He said when Moose fails, he’ll burn the TNA Championship.

He said he’ll do it next week on Impact, because “In death we pay homage to nostalgia and BURN IT DOWN!”

He invited Moose to pay his respect and warned him it’d be bad if he didn’t appear.

EC3 is the ultimate troll.

Rich Swan’s training

We got a glimpse into Rich Swann’s new training regimen as he prepared to face Eric Young at Bound for Glory.

He said how he has the opportunity to prove everybody that’s doubted him wrong in his quest to be Bound for Glory.

A doctor said Swann is there every morning when they open and leaves every night when they close, and that’s why he’ll be ready to go.

A doctor examined his ankle, and when Swann asked him if it was good, he said it’s amazing and they fist bumped.

Unsanctioned Victory Road Match – Rhino and Heath vs. Reno Scum

Outside the complex, Rhino and Heath embraced as Heath updated Rhino that #Heath3Impact was trending and his shirts were flying off the shelves.

Heath admitted he still had the cash because he maxed out his credit card.

They were then attacked by Reno Scum and Hernandez, who collected his money and they left.

In the arean, Rhino ran up to Scott D’Amore and asked for a match with him and Heath against Reno Scum.

Scott pointed out Heath doesn’t work there, but Rhino asked him to do something.

Scott said as long as Heath signs a waiver, he and Rhino can face Reno Scum at Victory Road, unsanctioned.

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